Innovation: Food and Beverage in India

June 2024

This report provides valuable insights into product innovation in India, analysing data from Euromonitor’s Innovation platform. The report covers the Food and Beverage categories, showing the level of new brand and sub-brand launch activity.

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This Innovation Country Report is part of a series of reports providing data and analysis on new product launch activity across digital shelf across Food and Nutrition and Beauty, Health and Home categories. The reports explore what type of innovation is happening and in which retailers across selected geographies.
The data contained in these reports are based on Euromonitor’s Innovation platform - an AI-powered platform that identifies and tracks new brand and sub-brand launches across the global digital shelf from January 2021 onwards. It monitors their expansion over time into new countries, retailers and categories, and also shows if they have been discontinued. 

The Innovation in India report includes:

Data and analysis on new brand and subbrand launches at online retailers within specific country across:

  • Food and Nutrition categories, such as Packaged Food, Soft Drinks, Hot Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, and Pet Care;
  • Beauty, Health and Home categories, such as Consumer Health, Beauty and Personal Care, Tissue and Hygiene, and Home Care. 

The Innovation in India report answers:

  • Is specific country a pacesetter or follower in terms of new product launches across specific industries?
  • What industries lead in terms of new product launches within specific country?
  • What type of innovation is happening within specific industries and categories?
  • What are the examples of some of the innovations across the categories?
  • Which retailers are leading in new product launches within specific country?
Monitoring innovation for business growth
In-country launches dominate as consumers appreciate local brands and flavours
Launches offer health and sustainability features to align with rising consumer demands
New launches in India in 2023: P ackaged food
Demand for healthier snacks drives innovation in packaged food
New launches in India in 2023: Hot drinks
Tea with functional benefits and beauty claims grows in popularity
New launches in India in 2023: Pet care
New product launches in pet food focus on functional benefits and pet lifecycles
New launches in India in 2023: Soft drinks
C onsumers seek taste experiences and local, natural ingredients in juice
New launches in India in 2023: Alcoholic drinks
Innovation in drinks blurs the category lines, cocktail culture drives innovation in taste
Indian retailers lead new launches, offering wellness-centric products to consumers
Passport Innovation methodology
Euromonitor Innovation definitions
Passport Innovation industry coverage
Passport Innovation country coverage
Passport Innovation retailer coverage

Buy Innovation reports to:

  • To understand what type of innovation and where is happening across the broader category scope
  • To gain insights into how new product launches are aligned with changing consumer preferences and what needs remain unmet


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