Forecasting Our award-winning forecasts provide econometric and expert-based projections for category market sizes, macroeconomic, consumer income and demographic variables.

Our Methodology

Forecasts for indicators, such as GDP and inflation, are driven by our macroeconomic model and cover a number of scenarios.

Category market sizes are projected using Euromonitor’s Industry Forecast Model, where the upside or downside pressures are forecasted using income and price elasticities.

Final forecasts are further refined by our industry experts to account for hard-to-predict events, such as legislation changes or key company marketing campaigns.


Inform future planning with economic and consumer data forecasts with 30 years of projections and alternative scenarios for key variables.


Strategically allocate product portfolios, identify growth, anticipate headwinds using market size forecasts with five-year views into the future and explore a range of COVID-19 scenarios.



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