Data Science Data science applies the latest techniques in big-data processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to organise and transform vast amounts of unstructured product information into business insights.

Our Methodology

Product information typically comes in various forms of text and images extracted from online retailers in different languages.

Our team applies algorithmic processing, such as machine translation, item matching and brand detection, to organise this data into a structured, comparable format.

With the help of industry experts, machines are trained to classify products or SKUs and identify key features, such as ingredients, nutrition information or ethical claims.

Analysts, data scientists and end-users provide continuous feedback to ensure that new products are accurately represented and that new taxonomies adapt to changing definitions.


Compare daily product pricing, promotional mechanics, popularity, availability, positioning and ranking across brands, categories, retailers and countries.


Monitor evolving product features, ingredients and claims and assess changes in product assortment.


Via E-commerce data from 1,500+ online retailers in 40 countries providing daily updates on pricing, assortment size and key attributes. Refine your pricing strategies, inform product development and positioning and keep your competitive edge Learn More