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Content Licensing Partnerships

  • Increasing Subscription Revenues
  • Enhancing The Value For Your Existing Customers
  • Gaining Market Share From Your Competitors
  • Reducing Internal Research Costs To Build Content In-House
  • Filling Information Gaps In Your Existing Content Portfolio
  • Strengthening Reputation Through Euromonitor Brand Association
  • Creating Premium Upsell Options
  • Moving Into New Audiences
  • Data timelines historical from 1970’s to 2030’s forecasting

Flexible Content Licensing Models

  • A global financial data platform trusts Euromonitor consumer industry forecasting data to enhance the value of their investment advisory product

  • An ingredients supplier to FMCG manufacturers selects Euromonitor’s API solution including market-sizing and forecast data – to enrich an innovative information platform for their key customers

  • A market research company partners with Euromonitor to source trusted, cross-comparable consumer industry reports and data to enhance a best-in-class product supporting sales and marketing professionals worldwide
  • A marketing technology company turns to Euromonitor’s API solution to supply industry market-sizing and forecast data, offering additional content to further enrich its SaaS analytics product and provide unique value-add versus direct competitors

  • A business intelligence start-up uses Euromonitor to automate the pull of industry and brand share data by category, along with other credible sources to create market entry reports available globally on a worldwide E-Commerce platform



Integrated Data Solutions

API data feeds to drive dashboards and power products with internationally cross-comparable statistics

Report Sales
Report Sales

More than 20,000 reports and capsules, available for integration and sale by content distribution partners

Bespoke Content
Bespoke Content

Combine existing content to create reports and datasets to match your product needs