CHICAGO 1 North Dearborn St. Suite 1700, Chicago IL 60602, USA +1 (312) 922 1115

Our Chicago office opened in 1993 and is at the centre of managing client relationships and conducting syndicated and consulting research across North America.

What makes the Chicago office a productive, interesting and fun place to work?

Chicago was our second office opening. From new starters to c-suite leadership, this office is home to the largest number of staff outside of our London headquarters. Like the city itself, our Chicago office is a true melting pot with cultural representation from all corners of the world. Our rooftop deck and CSR events bring our employees together to socialise and have fun.

What unique solutions do you provide for clients in the United States and Canada?

Our team in Chicago takes pride in providing best-in-class service to the most diverse and expansive client base in the company. We deliver premium results using our comprehensive syndicated tools, qualitative analysis and custom solutions to validate priorities, redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities for our clients. 

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