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Empowering Women’s Health: Focus on Ethics and Efficacy

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This International Women’s Day, the UN highlights the importance of investing in women to accelerate progress in gender equality, including the implementation of gender-responsive financing to guarantee women access to essential services. Euromonitor International forecasts that female disposable income per capita will increase by 32.7% in real terms over 2023-2040.

Women's health has gathered momentum in recent years, presenting a large investment opportunity across multiple industries. The expansion of wellness to encompass a more holistic and inclusive view has meant that previously taboo or underserved areas such as women's health are now becoming a more critical component of the evolution of the wellness journey. In an increasingly saturated and overcrowded wellness marketplace, elevating brand credibility through science and medical backing will be key for closing the gap in consumer product and service adoption.

In this video, from our recent panel discussion about the evolution of health and wellness as a consumer lifestyle, Irina Barbalova (Global Lead – Health and Beauty) explains how balancing commercial prospects and innovation with ethical considerations is crucial for overcoming existing disparities and improving health outcomes.

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