Wellness Thought leaders reveal the underlying drivers, trends and disruptors behind the evolution of wellness to pinpoint white spaces and inform product innovation strategies, from nutrition to technology.

Wellness is a Lifestyle: How to Meet Consumer Demands

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Join four of our leading experts as they delve into the evolving landscape of health and wellness, focusing on its expansion from a trend to a consumer lifestyle. Key topics include the Blurring of Wellness Concepts, Women’s Health, Self-Care at Home and the Evolution of Health-Conscious Eating. 

Uncover the future of health and wellness as consumers increasingly take ownership of their health through holistic, long-term solutions. Our experts discuss the drivers behind this consumer behaviour and the manifestations of the wellness lifestyle across other industries. They also discuss the unique challenges and opportunities for brands both within and outside the health and wellness industry.  

Meet our Panel:

Irina Barbalova, Global Lead - Health and Beauty

Maria Mascaraque, Industry Manager – Food and Nutrition

Matthew Oster, Senior Head of Consumer Health

Jessica Ridenour, Multimedia Producer

Nick Stene, Senior Industry Manager – Home and Garden

Watch the video above, or listen here:

Explore more insights for a deeper dive into the current trends and future directions in the health and wellness industry:

The Business of Wellness: Opportunities for Brand Growth

Keep exploring the evolution of wellness in our related report. You’ll get market data, consumer insights and strategic recommendations for these four topics to support your business.  

Gut Health: From Digestion to Mood Management

Previously associated primarily with digestion, research now associates gut health with crucial aspects such as energy levels, mood, and cognitive function. This evolving understanding is paving the way for the integration of gut health in functional food positionings as well as personalised nutrition strategies for improved health outcomes.

Exploring the Booming Market for Mental Health Supplements

Mental health supplements have emerged from the COVID-19 era as the fastest-growing benefit within the global dietary supplements market. When consumers identify factors that contribute to a healthy life, they overwhelmingly rate good mental health highly.

Transforming Women’s Health: Four Key Pillars of Empowerment

Women’s Health has been identified by industry leaders and through Euromonitor International’s global analyst network as one of the most commercially relevant themes across a wide range of consumer-facing industries, including health, beauty, nutrition, feminine care and lifestyle sectors.

Self-Care is the Wellness Growth Driver in Home Products

Family time and parenting obligations are losing ground, as consumers need greater “me time” for the pursuit of nurturing the self, rather than always living with (and living for) others. The 37% share of respondents who prioritised the self in Euromonitor International’s Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey 2019 increased to 42% in 2023

Wellness Pragmatists: A Shift in Self-Care Routines

Consumers are taking a realistic approach to wellness this year. They want simple, effective solutions that enhance their bodies and minds. Easy-to-use self-care products that deliver immediate results could sway purchase choices. Explore this 2024 consumer trend and the impact on your business in our report.

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