World Market for Nutrition

November 2021

In 2020, consumers’ interest in keeping themselves healthy and strong against Coronavirus (COVID-19) was reflected in nutritional intake trends. Regional trends in sugar and fat consumption in 2020 suggest which nutrients consumers desire more when they go through difficult times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. This report explores consumption patterns of global consumers through both the on- and off-trade across alcoholic drinks, fresh food, packaged food and soft drinks.

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Examining five trends shaping nutrition

Preventative Health

Consumers are increasingly seeking to improve their strength against illness. Driven by both increasing awareness among consumers and product availability, probiotics are booming. Prebiotic fibre is gaining traction to accompany probiotics products.

Sustainable Eating

While sustainability is a strong motivation for eating them, plant-based products are also well received for their nutritional value. The shift towards a plant-based diet is clear as already 1% of protein in consumers’ diet is sourced from plant-based alternatives in some regions.

Labelling and Regulations

Regulations in food and drinks are tightening and providing better transparency to consumers. Nutrients which are strongly linked to health issues, such as sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt, will likely be further restricted by advertisement bans and labelling including third party labels.

Balanced Eating in a Post-Better For You World

Consumers’ perception of healthy eating has shifted from counting calories and intake of certain nutrients to a balanced diet. Better for you products such as reduced fat are seeing a slowdown in growth globally.

Permissible Indulgence

Permissible indulgence continues to thrive as consumers seek comfort amidst the pandemic. The reduction of refined sugar, however, remains a key topic that shapes innovations in this field.

Examining five trends shaping nutrition
COVID-19 impact on nutrition: Shift to retail will persist
COVID-19 impact on nutrition: Demand for protein remains high
COVID-19 impact on nutrition: Stress eating – more sugar or more fat?
Calorie purchasing through food continues to rise
Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe to see rapid growth in calorie purchasing
Carbohydrate and fat shows large regional gaps in calorie contribution
Sugar continues to be overconsumed in all regions
Following declines, sugar content in soft drinks is expected to rise
Industry attempts to reduce salt while consumption continues to rise
More consumers are trying to increase their intake of fibre
Animal-origin food grows despite the plant-based eating boom
Examining five trends shaping nutrition
Consumers link fruit to improving their immune system
Prevention of high blood sugar level is a key consumer concern
MCT oil booms thank to its various functionalities
Fibre gains traction thanks to consumers’ interest in gut health
Beyond physical health – the gut’s role in mental and sleep health
Consumers’ interest in nutritional transparency is soaring
Recipes are being reformulated to improve nutrition scores
Scoring for environmental impact is emerging and spreading rapidly
The strongest motivation for plant-based eating is to feel healthier
The range of plant-based products is expanding rapidly
The speed of innovation in functional ingredients is accelerating
Areas of opportunity
New methodology: Readable big data captured by artificial intelligence
New methodology in detail


This is the total amount of each of the eight nutrients purchased and is the sum of packaged food, fresh food, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.

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