Transforming Women’s Health: Empowering Women Through the Life Cycle

May 2023

With advances in women’s health accelerating, commercial prospects are becoming a firm proposition for business. Embracing women’s wellness through dedicated solutions that cater for unique needs requires a holistic outlook factoring in an integrated physical, nutritional, emotional and lifestyle spectrum. Exploring white spaces, category adjacencies and tech integration, alongside fostering inclusivity and accessibility, are critical to maximising value for the consumer, society and business.

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Key Findings

Rising equality movement reveal widening women’s health spectrum

Growing equality and empowerment movements have revealed the diverse and inter-connected dimensions of women’s health, though disparities in awareness, technology and access have challenged businesses to be agile and sustain business alignment in the face of an evolving landscape.

Wellness awakening and need blurring inform adjacency expansion

Increased recognition of the multi-faceted health needs across women’s life-stage transitions reinforces a holistic care mindset encompassing the physical, nutritional and emotional need-state spectrum, reorientating business vision towards adjacencies and white spaces.

Emotional support is an integral pillar of women’s health management

Awareness deficiencies and societal taboos, paired with prioritisation of mental wellbeing as an integral health pillar, especially among the younger age groups, necessitate a purpose-driven, inclusive corporate stance and an empathetic brand narrative, which can further loyalty and mass acceptance.

Lifestyle anchors a holistic approach to portfolio alignment and branding

Broader consumer preferences of self-empowerment over symptom management in isolation favour health solutions positioned around routines, occasions and lifecycles, from puberty and fertility to menopause and beyond, with new consumer occasions creating new opportunities for types of solution mix and brand communications.

Tech-enabled personalisation offers potential for precision care

Demand for health ownership, coupled with tech advancements, reinforces the rise of tech-driven solutions and business models that enable a more personalised approach to health management, with wearable tech at the forefront, while more advanced diagnostics and medicine delivery are on the verge of breakthroughs.


Key findings
Transforming women’s health: Empowering women through the life cycle
Underlying consumer and megatrend drivers underpin the evolution of women’s health
Despite persistent structural challenges, women’s health is on the brink of a breakthrough
Approaches to women’s health treatment are diversifying as education reinforces needs
Integrating digitalisation and technology for improved diagnostics, support and experiences
Female-specific and general health interplay draws varied implications across the life cycle
Women’s health framework: Needs, life stages and solutions across the wellness ecosystem
Consumer products by area of care: Exploring converging spaces and synergies
Femtech as another layer to women’s care solutions: Merits, opportunities and hurdles
Uncovering growth frontiers with femtech amid category convergence
Transforming Women’s Health uncovered
Addressing solution gaps across the physical need spectrum
Daye goes beyond menstrual care to democratise access to gynaecological health
Phenology doubles down on education and science-based holistic menopausal care
Educational empowerment and development of regimen-based solutions
Exploring crossover benefit spaces and further precision in personalised nutrition solutions
Womco’s “female-fitting food” aims to revolutionise hormonal personalised nutrition
Wild Nutrition’s “food-grown” blends offer natural based and all-inclusive supplementation
Diversifying high-efficacy nutritional alternatives for prevention and symptom mitigation
Bridging psycho-physical outcomes for emotional benefit expressions and empathy
Selfmade’s “emotionally intelligent skin care” reinforces the inside-out beauty care concept
Mamalift drives mental healthcare accessibility through empathy-driven technology
Bringing mental health to the forefront for emotive solutions and social purpose
Assuring seamless, holistic wellness experiences across routines and occasions
Maude builds towards one-stop shop for intimate care from sexual wellness to grooming
Fermata femtech marketplace offers curated regimens across occasions
Rethinking portfolios and brand identity to embody and empower consumer choices
Key findings
Transforming Women’s Health: How to win
Evolution of Women’s Health
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