Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023

December 2023

Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2023 uncovers the leading city players which have improved their economic and business activity, support thriving tourism infrastructure and performance, and show great potential for investment and operation amid increased overtourism, disruptive technology and increased need for sustainable actions. This report explores areas of innovation embraced by cities as they fight geopolitical tensions and rising costs of living.

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Key findings

Combatting overtourism

Overtourism is one of the challenges cities are facing, impacting local communities and the environment as tourism rebounds from the COVID-19 crisis. Some destinations are imposing restrictions, steep taxation or reduction of hotel capacity to help limit the influx of tourists and preserve cultural heritage, while others embrace dispersion strategies that promote alternative or off-the-beaten-path destinations. Seen by many as a double-edged sword, overtourism underscores the importance of implementing sustainable practices to help drive more responsible “quality tourism” over mass travel to benefit the environment as well as local residents.

Promoting the development of sustainable tourism – high on cities’ agenda

Sustainable tourism remains a prominent and evolving topic for global cities. Destinations are taking various steps to enhance their sustainability practices such as harnessing renewable energy sources, green construction, launching recycling programmes, or investing in emission-free transportation. Cities are also supporting initiatives designed to protect and empower local communities to safeguard their cultural heritage aligned with local regenerative tourism strategies. Reducing CO2 emissions to net zero or supporting local conservation projects are high on the agenda for urban destinations as a key plank for ensuring long-term competitiveness.

Smart technology uncovers untapped opportunities for city destinations

Disruptive technology is altering the future of cities and their strategies to drive economic growth, efficiency, public safety, and quality of life, whilst addressing major challenges. Technological advances such as IoT and AI, among others, are also the catalyst behind the evolving consumer behaviour. Travellers now seek providers that offer high-speed internet, flexible booking options, and comfortable work environments to accommodate remote working. Building a strong digital transformation with the help of disruptive technology, improving sustainability, transportation networks and social impact are some of the key goals cities are embracing today in order to increase competitiveness, improve their tourism offer and deliver a seamless customer journey.

About the report
About the report
Key takeaways
Top 100 City Destinations Index ranks cities across six key pillars
Geopolitical risks and rising cost of living uncovered
Global tourism performance reviewed
Unlocking the potential of urban diversity
Top 20 city destinations 2023
A tale of two cities: Paris vs Dubai
Top trends shaping the future of city transformation in 2023
Tourism infrastructure is the crucial pillar to be ranked high in the Index
COVID-19 statistics give way to health-related factors
Singapore holds its top spot in the Economic and Business Performance pillar in 2023
Travel bounces back despite challenging global geopolitical and economic situation
Hong Kong making first steps to regain the status of the most visited city
Creative strategies for smaller tourism destinations: Making the most of every occasion
Unprecedented social media usage boosts interactions with consumers
The vital role of tourism infrastructure
Short-term rentals on the rise amidst evolving regulatory landscape
Short-term rentals help fuel future travel growth
Health and Safety has a significantly renewed ranking among the leading cities
Sustainability takes one of the central roles in city travel-related strategies
Americas: Further improvement in sustainability development is needed in Latin America
New York: Best city in the US despite the crackdown on Airbnb
Infrastructure and sustainability high on the agenda for US cities
Los Angeles: A long road to the Summer Olympic Games 2028
Santiago: The hub for sports and culture in South America
Tulum: New airport opens more tourism opportunities
Asia: The uncaged tourists lead swift recovery of tourism industry
Foreign direct investment and currency depreciation reshape the Asian cities’ ranking
Chinese cities’ reliance on domestic travellers shaded by the reduced tourist spending
TripGenie : OpenAI -powered personalised travel itinerary planner
Australasia sets the best example of sustainable tourism for Asian cities
Bangkok: Strong government initiatives to bring the city back on sustainable track
Osaka: The frontrunner of Japan’s pathway to “value” tourism
Seoul: The first Metaverse city in the world
Europe continues to power progress as the most dominant region
Paris: The 2024 Olympic Games fever
London tourism infrastructure: the best in the world
London: The jewel in the crown
Rising city taxes in Europe fight overtourism and support local communities
Berlin: “Off to B” campaign to boost experiences in remote districts of the city
Navigating strategies in response to pent-up tourism demand
Dublin: The first 3D city map in Ireland launched with DiscovAR Dublin app
Middle East and Africa: Unique tourism offering despite geopolitical tensions
Dubai unrivalled in the region
The head-to-head competition between Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Saudi Arabia: Diversifying its tourism proposition away from oil
Success stories still mainly dominated by the Gulf region
Key takeaways
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (1)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (2)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (3)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (4)
Top 100 City Destinations ranked by Performance pillar (5)
Methodology and definitions
Geographical coverage
Pillar 1: Economic and Business Performance
Pillar 2: Tourism Performance
Pillar 3: Tourism Infrastructure
Pillar 4: Tourism Policy and Attractiveness
Pillar 5: Health and Safety
Pillar 6: Sustainability
Glossary of terms


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