Occasion Innovation in Snacks: Routine Concepts

March 2023

As consumers consider and preplan their snack purchases more in lieu of economic challenges, anchoring innovations around consumer routines and need states has become increasingly important. Looking closely at routine shifts such as those in work and school, gatherings, and on-the-go (OTG), manufacturers can identify and fulfill pockets fit for snacking. And in turn, routine-rooted snacks can contribute to brands becoming more worthy as an “essential” part of shoppers’ baskets.

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Key findings

Routine-based occasions can support intentional snack purchases

Snacks developed and positioned with specific routines can help consumers easily identify a snack’s utility while also differentiating offerings. Consumers that tend to snack during routines, whether on-the-go or at work, may be more likely to purchase seeing a snack with positioning fit for the routine occasion.

There is space to build on the nuances of value across routines and consumers

Consumer needs have shifted throughout various dayparts and routines revealing new opportunities for innovations. Key areas of value include expanding upon the nutritional impact of school and work snacks, creating cause in snacking on-the-go and unlocking new dimensions to experiential snacking with others.

Taste and health remain most importance to snacks - and new tools are available to balance the two

Optimising the balance between health and taste will remain a constant focus for snacks in the long term. Enzymes, plant-based fibre, sonic waves, in addition to a handful of other technologies, are unlocking what is possible to connect flavour and function.

Evolving technologies are impacting routines and how and where we snack

As seen with the pandemic and remote work, new ways of carrying out daily routines is shifting towards a future that sustains momentum in the concept of snacking “anytime, anywhere”. New technologies such as driverless cars, the metaverse and delivery drones are spaces yet to be fully tapped into by snacks.

In lieu of economic challenges, snack purchases are becoming more pre-planned
Key findings
As impulse is in flux, innovations that cater to consumer routines should expand for growth
Consumers intend to continue seeking value in their snacks
Manufacturers should prioritise routine snacking innovations as pre-planned purchases grow
Work and school activities create a broad range of needs that snacks can fulfil
Work and school innovations should strive to balance taste and health to push the occasion
Utility signalling , need state positioning and portability offering are key for work/school snacks
Returning mobility and convenience seeking expand touchpoints and nutrition needs
Consumers on-the-go are attracted to nutrient density and cause-based formulations
Support active, OTG lifestyles with more meaningful reasons to snack
Gatherings can be an opportunity to elevate the experiential dimensions of snacks
Snacks for gatherings should ensure to accommodate taste, variety and convenience
Allowing consumers to deepen joy and presence of the moment is the goal for social snacks
The future of routines may lend itself to broadening and unexpected moments for snacking
Conclusions/Takeaways (1)
Conclusions/Takeaways (2)
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