Katharina Kunze

Katharina Kunze Project Manager - Innovation

Market Sizing | Modelling | Forecasting

About Katharina

Katharina is responsible for the final delivery and integrity of a new best-in-class research dataset focused on cataloguing real examples of new product development and measuring relevant quantified trends. 

Katharina has managed hundreds of Consulting projects across a diverse global client base (B2B, fmcg, financial services). She excels at market sizing, modelling and forecasting, competitive intelligence, growth opportunities including scenario analysis, consumer trends analysis, supply chain analysis, data analytics and visualisation.

Katharina has more than 20 years of experience in Consulting, spanning project management (global studies for international clients - ad-hoc research, quantitative/qualitative analysis, strategic/tactical analysis) and product management (promoting and growing First Step products/services, Euromonitor's suite of standardised Consulting solutions).

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