Karolina Grigorijevaite

Karolina Grigorijevaite Senior Consultant


About Karolina

Karolina is a seasoned and engaging public speaker, stemming from her extensive experience of working with clients across different industries and geographies. As an Innovation Consultant, Karolina is responsible for managing unique research projects with a focus on trend mapping, sizing the prize, and providing strategic foresight for leading businesses.

Karolina has extensive experience working across the retail, packaged food, beauty and personal care and consumer health industries, partnering with clients to better understand their value chain, markets, consumers, and the long-term trends impacting their industry. Karolina partners with clients across all areas of the innovation stage gate process, including idea generation, trend mapping, sizing the prize, and concept testing. She has a breadth of experience supporting clients as they assess market expansion opportunities, challenge their internal assumptions, and refine their growth strategy. Karolina has a history of strong client engagement, presenting research findings to wide audiences and senior stakeholders and driving interactive workshop sessions aimed at idea generation.

Karolina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics from ISM University of Management and Economics

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