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Justinas Liuima

Justinas Liuima Industrial Manager


English, Lithuanian

About Justinas

Justinas leads Euromonitor’s industrial research and provides thought leadership on industrial, mobility and commodity market trends.



Justinas advises clients across manufacturing, packaging, logistics, automotive, consulting and government sectors on key industrial and manufacturing technology trends. Prior to joining Euromonitor Justinas worked in the consulting sector, specialising in transportation and research and development fields.

Recently Published Work


Commodity Market Outlook Q2 2024: Pressures Have Eased but Geopolitical Flareups Drive Market Volatility

Aleksandra  Svidler

Aleksandra Svidler

30 May 24

First months of 2024 saw a year-on-year easing in many commodity prices, as soft global demand weighed on energy prices and prospects of adequate crop supply capped agrifood price growth. However, geopolitical shocks sparked turbulence in the oil market and drove up gold prices, while rising supply concerns fuelled a rally in copper.


B2B Channels Can Offer New Growth as Consumer Demand Remains Weak

Justinas Liuima

Justinas Liuima

23 May 24

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis is expected to impact consumer demand in 2024. To counter this, companies can focus on B2B sales channels, particularly in the offices and healthcare sectors, which are forecast to maintain steady revenue growth.


Southeast Asian Countries Are Best Positioned to Win Amid a Globalisation Reset

Justinas Liuima

Justinas Liuima

30 Apr 24

Rising geopolitical tensions and economic multipolarity are adding to trade restrictions, shifting the flows of global trade and investment, and hindering economic growth. Against the backdrop of this new global reality, over the long term, companies and countries will continue to follow a globalisation reset strategy, with economic diversification and supply chain security being the key priorities.