Anna Nelson

Anna Nelson Consultant, Innovation



About Anna

Anna Nelson joined Euromonitor as a Consultant in January 2022 in Euromonitor’s Chicago office. As an Innovation Consultant, Anna is responsible for managing unique, complex research projects with a focus on future portfolio and trend analysis.

Since joining Euromonitor International, Anna has managed a variety of creative projects across the innovation process in areas such as megatrend and trend analysis in various industries, such as food and nutrition, packaged goods, home appliances, alcoholic drinks, and consumer health. Her background in the packaged food and supplement space enhances client engagement through tapping into her breadth of industry knowledge and awareness.

Before joining Euromonitor, Anna worked for three years in project management and commercialization for a mid-sized food manufacturer focusing on private label and contract manufacturing projects, and later transitioned to the branded side, working closely with Research & Development, Operations, Marketing, and Sales to manage innovation projects from concept to market. Anna has a Bachelor of Arts in International Business from University of Wisconsin-Madison.