Home and Garden in Western Europe

June 2024

After contending with the pandemic, Western Europe emerged into a period of high inflation, with rates hitting levels not seen for decades in many of the region’s countries. This, in turn, set off a cost-of-living crisis for many consumers, dampening demand in the home and garden market in the final years of the review period. The difficult economic backdrop, combined with ongoing geopolitical uncertainty, are also clouding the outlook for the start of the forecast period.

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Key findings

Inflationary environment hitting home and garden sales

Post-pandemic, most Western European markets have been experiencing an inflationary environment, which has been putting downward pressure on sales in the national home and garden markets. With most countries recording declining sales in real value terms in both 2022 and 2023, the overall regional performances have also been negative ones in these years.

Home products specialists still dominate sales, despite e-commerce gains

After making strong gains during the pandemic, the e-commerce share stood at 17% in 2023. However, home products specialists (64%) still dominate sales, with consumers still keen to see, touch and experience products in physical stores prior to purchase, as well as tap into the expert knowledge of in-store staff. Nevertheless, an omnichannel approach is increasingly seen as the wisest course of action in home and garden retail distribution going forward.

Sustainability increasingly to the fore

As consumers and national regulations increasingly demand sustainable options, industry players are striving to meet these requirements. Be it by using sustainable materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood or recycled plastic in their products, offering innovative drip irrigation systems, energy-saving lighting systems or peat-free products.

Continued demand expected for space-saving products

With ongoing urbanisation, the demand for space-saving furniture and multifunctional homewares is likely to persist. Consumers in smaller living spaces will continue to seek furniture that serves multiple purposes, maximising functionality and optimising limited square footage. Innovative and space-saving solutions could involve modular furniture systems, foldable workspaces or integrated storage solutions within furniture pieces.

Key findings
Home furnishings the dominant home and garden category in Western Europe
Western Europe has the third highest sales and per capita spend figures
Home and garden experiences a difficult year in Western Europe in 2023
German home and garden market records a sharp sales decline in 2023
Major losses recorded by home furnishings in the UK
Home furnishings make up more than three quarters of overall market losses in 2018-2023
Growing popularity of sustainable products in a number of Western European markets
Home products specialists remain the dominant retail distribution force…
…but an omnichannel approach is increasingly important
Home and garden is a relatively fragmented market in most Western European countries
IKEA remains the clear leader in Western European home and garden in 2023
Germany the biggest revenue generator for a majority of the top 10 players in the region
Ikea and Bosch maintain their top two positions in Western Europe
After continued decline in 2024, stagnation is expected over the rest of the forecast period
High inflation likely to still be impacting some countries at the start of the forecast period
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France: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Germany: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Netherlands: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Sweden: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Switzerland: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Turkey: Competitive and Retail Landscape
UK: Market Context
UK: Competitive and Retail Landscape

Home and Garden

This project has a strict focus on sales to consumers only. Trade and professional sales are excluded. Home and garden refers to gardening, home improvement, homewares and home furnishings.

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