Health-Conscious Young in Asia: Focus on Consumer Health

February 2024

In Asia, the search of health-conscious young consumers for dietary supplement product efficacy is dominating market trends. They are susceptible to advertising but do extra research to make informed purchase decisions. Heightened health concerns, like disease prevention, rapid recovery, mental wellbeing and slow ageing, chart the future opportunities in the industry. This briefing analyses the specific concerns and consumption habits of Gen Z and Millennials in Asia.

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Key findings

Millennials and Gen Z becoming the key consumers of vitamins and supplements

Young consumers are taking over from the middle-aged and the elderly as the mainstream of dietary supplement consumption. In Asia Pacific, the search of health-conscious young consumers for product efficacy is dominating market trends, such as an emphasis on mental health, liver detoxing and sleep problems, which are highly related to their fast-paced daily lives.

Two sides of health-conscious young: Susceptible but savvy

When it comes to vitamins and dietary supplements, recommendations from influencers and online communities have a significant impact on young consumers. Meanwhile, young consumers also typically invest time in researching product details and reading reviews to ensure they make an informed purchase decision, and frequently look for new innovations.

Four pillars of needs spread out, with heighted concerns and demands

Disease prevention, rapid recovery, mental and brain health, and routines to slow ageing are the main health concerns among young consumers in Asia. These concerns are manifested across various categories. Innovations in ingredients and usage scenarios tailored for young consumers are charting the future opportunities.

Understanding the past, current and future of young consumers in Asia

Various factors need to be taken into consideration when defining young Asian consumers’ health product consumption, including the culture and environment in which they grew up, attitudes towards lifestyles, their concerns for ageing and long-term health, and their habits in parenthood.

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Key findings
COVID-19 and its aftermath continues to push conscious health-related consumption in Asia
Growth in health products targeting the young population varies across Asian countries
Heart and liver health positioning grows owing to heightened concerns among the young
Gen Z and Millennials in Asia Pacific value physical health particularly strongly
Mental wellbeing, physical strength and immunity at top of mind for Gen Z and Millennials
Health concerns of young Asians are strongly related to intense daily life
Influencer and online culture has pronounced effects on young Asians
Susceptible but savvy: Health-conscious young consumers seek innovative solutions
A closer look: Different social and family roles lead to different consumption behaviours
Four pillars of demand among health-conscious young consumers
Young consumers in Asia show trust in supplements claiming immunity boosting
Unhealthy dietary habits of young Asians drive demand for digestive health
Sedentary lifestyles heighten health concerns among young women
Demand for convenient and multifunctional sports nutrition grows due to casual consumption
Post-COVID-19 conditions increase young consumers’ focus on cognitive health
Liver health products are tapping into young Asian consumers’ drinking habits
Young Asians report higher stress levels than older generations
From losing weight to a healthy lifestyle, young consumers have more realistic expectations
Consumers’ upgraded demand drives ingredient-led segmentation in beauty supplements
Hair loss treatment propelled by e arly-stage restoration demand from young generation
Top five consumer trends among health-conscious young people in Asia Pacific
Healthy pleasure: Indulgence and health, “I want to have both!”
Young consumers’ channel shifting: More investigation, better deals, more accurate intake
Convenient health: Incorporating healthy supplements into busy daily routines
Rejuvenation of herbal/ traditional products to cater to young Asians
Millennials and Gen Z parents want to make fully informed purchasing decisions
Key takeaways

Consumer Health

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