Consumer Foodservice in Middle East and Africa

June 2024

At the end of the review period, consumer foodservice in Middle East and Africa was continuing to recover from the major dip in sales seen in 2020, when COVID-19 first hit the region. This was being made more difficult by high inflation, which has been forcing industry players to push through price rises as well as negatively impacting consumers’ purchasing power in some countries. Saudi Arabia, with its Vision 2030 initiative, is helping to drive the overall regional performance.

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Key findings

Vision 2030 continues to boost growth in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is seeing strong growth in its consumer foodservice industry, boosted by the post-pandemic resumption of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages at full capacity as well as its Vision 2030 initiative. Vision 2030 is driving the building of new shopping malls as well as helping to boost inbound and domestic tourism, among many other things.

Inflation-hit Israelis looking to make savings

In addition to the Israel-Hamas war and protests surrounding the potential Judicial Reform, Israeli consumers were being impacted by high inflation at the end of the review period. With inflation pushing up costs and prices and eating into their purchasing power, many consumers were foregoing outings to consumer foodservice outlets, negatively impacting value sales.

Street stalls/kiosks defy the general downward trend in Nigeria

With waning purchasing power in a time of high inflation, Nigerians have been looking for affordable and filling food, such as that offered by street stalls/kiosks. While other foodservice operators were having a tough time due to high inflation, street stall/kiosk numbers were increasing, helping them to become the most numerous channel in terms of outlets.

Strong tourism industry and influx of expatriates driving growth in the United Arab Emirates

As the United Arab Emirates continues to position itself as a global hub for commerce, tourism and innovation, consumer foodservice is poised to capitalise on these opportunities. With a diverse and dynamic population fuelling demand for culinary experiences from around the world, the future outlook for consumer foodservice in the local market remains promising.


Key findings
Full-service and limited-service restaurants most popular in Middle East and Africa
Middle East and Africa has the fifth biggest market and lowest per capita spend
Consumer foodservice expected to reach its 2019 value sales levels again in 2025
Post-pandemic recovery being stymied by an inflationary environment
Big dip in consumer foodservice value sales in Nigeria in 2023
Takeaway popular in Nigeria and South Africa, delivery in Israel and Saudi Arabia
Consumer foodservice industry records major losses over 2018-2023
Vision 2030 and full resumption of religious pilgrimages boost sales in Saudi Arabia
Israel and Nigeria experiencing declining sales at the end of the review period
Consumer foodservice has a very fragmented competitive landscape in most countries
Independent players working with delivery apps to expand their non-eat-in offer
Saudi Arabia the main revenue generator for over half of the region’s top 10 players
Leading brands adding new outlets in Saudi Arabia in 2023
Positive growth expected throughout the forecast period
Vision 2030 will help to continue driving growth in Saudi Arabia
Delivery and takeaway expected to continue growing across the region
Egypt: Market Context
Egypt: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Israel: Market Context
Israel: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Morocco: Market Context
Morocco: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Nigeria: Market Context
Nigeria: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Saudi Arabia: Market Context
Saudi Arabia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
South Africa: Market Context
South Africa: Competitive and Retail Landscape
United Arab Emirates: Market Context
United Arab Emirates: Competitive and Retail Landscape

Consumer Foodservice

Consumer foodservice is composed of cafés/bars, full-service restaurants, limited-service restaurants, self-service cafeterias and street stalls/kiosks.

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