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Sustainability in Business: Capturing the Value

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64% of consumers try to have a positive impact on the environment through their everyday actions. While consumers have led sustainability initiatives for years, now it’s at the top of corporate agendas too.

We surveyed over 40,000 consumers and 900 professionals in our network to find out their sustainability priorities. These results should be used to guide your strategy.

What sustainability means to business

An overwhelming 82% of professionals define sustainability as reducing environmental impact. But responsible practices encompass more than that. A holistic view also considers social and economic issues.

Reducing environmental impact
Achieving the SDGs
Prioritising ESG issues
Euromonitor International Voice of the Industry: Sustainability Survey, fielded January 2023 (n=900)
Question: What does sustainability mean to you? Select all that apply.

Meeting green expectations

Customer perception tends to be the top motivation to invest in sustainability. Consumers are more attracted to brands with eco-friendly practices. Your products and services should be clearly labelled and competitively priced to capture attention.


Invest in sustainability for customer perception and brand reputation


Invest in sustainability to keep in line with brand image and ethos

Euromonitor International Voice of the Industry: Sustainability Survey, fielded January 2023 (n=808)
Question: Based on your observations, why does your company invest in sustainability initiatives? Select all that apply.

Challenges ahead

Affordability remains an obstacle. Less than one-fifth of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Business models that focus on circular economy initiatives, such as recycling, rental or resale programmes, will boost loyalty and sales.

Consumers willing to pay more for sustainable…

Source: Euromonitor International Voice of the Consumer: Sustainability Survey, fielded January 2023

Our 360° approach

Sustainability must be embedded in your core business strategy. But it can be difficult to identify the right actions to take. The difference between success and failure comes down to connecting the dots across these four key areas.

How to get started

You can use our five-step guide to plan your
sustainability strategy.

How to accelerate

Our consultants will take your sustainability initiatives to
the next level.