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What Are the Top Consumer Trends in 2024?

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New year, new trends. But one fact remains true—consumer behaviour can be unpredictable.

That’s why we create our annual Top Global Consumer Trends report. Predicting customer needs and delivering solutions to their pain points are not easy tasks. This report is your starting point, so you can get to the bottom of consumer behaviour and lifestyle shifts. You’ll use these insights for marketing campaigns, brand activations, retail strategies and innovation plans.

Keep reading for a look at each of the top consumer trends in 2024. Get the report or watch our webinar for case studies and tactics that’ll help you respond to these demands.


Ask AI

Two words: generative AI. You’ve probably even asked ChatGPT or Bard a question or two in recent months.

This trend is all about ongoing experimentation and shifting expectations of generative AI solutions. As consumers keep testing the capabilities of this technology, they expect brands to do the same to create optimised and personalised customer experiences.

Delightful Distractions

Economic instability, political turmoil and everyday stressors make our lives feel overwhelming at times. We want to find daily doses of happiness that give us brief relief from reality.

Joy and optimism are at the core of this trend. Delightful Distractions evoke positivity—whether that’s a product designed with vibrant colours, playful brand content or an immersive experience, among other approaches.

Nearly three in 10 consumers would be comfortable with brands tracking their emotions and personalising experiences to their moods

Source: Euromonitor’s Voice of the Consumer: Digital Survey 2023

Find moments where you can uplift your customers because those touchpoints leave a lasting impression.

Greenwashed Out

Green fatigue is hitting new heights, but environmental concerns still weigh heavy on our minds.

Over the years, consumers adopted sustainable habits to try and have a positive impact on the planet. Yet, climate catastrophes continue to cause devastation around the world.

People realise that their individual actions help…to an extent. If consumers aren’t aware of how their behaviour makes a difference, they could feel discouraged and might not put in as much effort. Real change needs to be a collective priority with companies and governments in the driver’s seat.Chart showing environmental actions

Progressively Polarised

Social or political issues can be sensitive—sometimes, contentious—topics that cause a divide, creating Progressively Polarised behaviour.

How this trend translates into purchase decisions is nuanced. Some shoppers buy products that reflect their values, like sustainability or political affiliation, whilst others focus on benefits or price instead. But consumers often exhibit both tendencies. For example, someone could buy toothpaste based on functionality—to prevent cavities or protect enamel—whilst purchasing eco-friendly laundry detergent tablets to limit plastic consumption.

Banner 2Controversial campaigns that push a social or partisan agenda can also become purchase detractors, even if those values weren’t purchase motivators. Complex, right? Brands have to tread a fine line here, especially with upcoming 2024 elections around the world. Inaction isn’t the answer. You need to remain authentic and align with the values of your target audience.

Value Hackers

Remember Budgeteers and Here and Now from last year? Well, this trend is an evolution of those financial mindsets.

Rather than cutting overall spending or occasionally splurging on small treats, consumers are being clever to get what they want. That could be finding dupes, so trading down on cost but not quality, or shopping at stores with rewards perks to rack up points for future purchases. These kinds of lifestyle tricks help them make the most of their money.

Wellness Pragmatists

Easy and effective—that’s what underpins self-care routines this year. Forget the 10-step beauty regimens or elaborate meal prepping. Wellness products that are convenient to use and deliver noticeable results win out here.

Consumers are setting realistic goals and are open to trying new treatments or brands—if they’ll achieve their desired outcome. That means proven efficacy will influence purchase choices.

Chart showing New Treatment Solutions

Keep up with the 2024 trends

Those are the top lifestyle trends of the year! Here are a few resources you should check out (if you haven’t already) to get deeper insights and activation tactics:

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