Navigating Inflation Understand the trends driving inflation, the business implications and resulting shifts in consumer behaviour. Our insights and Pricing and Availability Tracker help you to navigate price pressures quickly and effectively.

Tracking Product Prices and Availability to Monitor Inflation

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Euromonitor International's Price and Availability Tracker is an excellent starting point for monitoring the impact of inflation on discretionary and essential products sold online around the world.  

In this video Jared Conway demonstrates how to use the Price and Availability Tracker to monitor changing prices and why out of stock SKU data is useful to spot supply chain issues. 

A free version of the Price and Availability Tracker is available on the Inflation Surge page of our website – limited to 10 countries.   

Contact us to learn more about the power of our e-commerce data. Using product SKU data you can monitor the price and availability of custom baskets of goods across 600 product categories in 80 countries, tracked daily since 2019. 

Because of the details on the screen, this video is best viewed at 720 resolution or higher. Adjustments can be made in settings bar of the player.

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