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World Perfumery Congress 2024

Switzerland - Palexpo, Rte François-Peyrot 30, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
Aishwarya Rajpara Profile Picture
Aishwarya Rajpara Senior Research Analyst - Beauty

Session date and time:

25 Jun 24 | CET: 09:00 AM - 25 Jun 24 | CET: 09:30 AM

The fragrance industry is set to reunite in Geneva to celebrate the World Perfumery Congress 2024. This year’s theme is Fragrance Forward: Where Global Innovation & Creativity Meets. The three-day conference will task speakers to discuss key factors driving innovation in fragrance—including global trends across segments, regulatory updates and how the latest strides in technology, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, are influencing the industry and perfumers’ creativity.

Session title: Leading Fragrance Claims: Charting the Trendsetters
Session description: The session will educate the audience on product claims and positioning in the fragrance industry. It will mainly focus on the sustainability criteria and related claims that are popular or gaining traction, particularly post COVID-19 pandemic. Geographical scope will be limited to Western European market. In terms of content, it will include topics such as cross-country comparison to highlight key trends and consumer behavior, as well as scope and outlook for key claims.
Date and time of the EMI session: 25 June 2024, 09:00 09:30 CET
Name and title of speaker involved: Aishwarya Rajpara, Senior Research Analyst
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