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World Food Poland 2024

Warszawa - EXPO XXI Warszawa, ul. Ignacego Prądzyńskiego 12/14, 01-222
Simona Bernatonyte Profile Picture
Simona Bernatonyte Senior Research Analyst

Session date and time:

18 Apr 24 | CET: 11:50 AM - 18 Apr 24 | CET: 12:10 PM

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The international food fair World Food Poland is a meeting of the entire food industry, a place for integration and conversations about the food market, numerous discussion panels, conferences with opinion leaders, meetings with representatives of retail chains, and a cross-section of new products.

Session title: Plant based evolution in Europe: consumer trends and market dynamics.
Session description: Plant based novelties and trends continue to inspire consumers however, product consumption patterns seem to strongly differ across Europe. Focus for upcoming novelties should be considerate of the specific regional context as catering to West and East European consumers require adapted entry strategies and offer unique opportunities.
Date and time of the EMI session: 18 April 2024, 11:50- 12:10 CET
Name and title of speaker involved: Simona Bernatonyte, Research Consultant
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