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Smart Tech Empowers Consumer Appliances Market: AWE 2024

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The Appliances & Electronics World Expo (AWE) is among the top three global exhibitions for home appliances and consumer electronics. The event is held every year in March in Shanghai with this year’s theme being “Smartize the Future”. More than 1,000 brands were showcased at the expo, offering attendees the chance to experience the latest in technological innovation.

With smart being the theme, brands demonstrated their products with integrated AI and automated functionality, the common goal being increased convenience and elevating the consumer experience. Using technology to solve long-term challenges such as an ageing population was also a focus.

Vacuum cleaners: Cutting-edge innovation in the appliances market

At AWE2024, a host of new vacuum cleaner models were showcased. Using cutting-edge technology, these vacuum cleaners take home cleaning to the next level. For example, Deebot T30 Pro’s TruEdge technology and Dreame X40 Pro’s bionic dual robotic arms include corner cleaning technology to clean the hard-to-reach areas. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner designs have also been revolutionised by models that can lie flat. The Tineco FLOOR ONE can work at 180 degrees, thereby solving one of the challenges of using upright vacuum cleaners.

Brands also introduced one-stop cleaning, which will take intervention-free cleaning to the next level. The Dreame Z10 station’s automatic dust collection feature and the EZVIZ RS2 base station’s automatic mop loading and unloading feature reduce the amount of time a consumer needs to spend cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

Image of Dreame X40 Pro

An appliance for every consumer segment

Brands showcased consumer appliances designed for a variety of consumer segments at the expo, offering products with unique designs and functionality.

For Gen Z, who value style, practicality, and cost-effectiveness, brands announced products with distinctive designs and innovative features. According to Euromonitor International’s Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey, fielded January to February 2023, consumers aged 15-29 are more inclined to spend on new technology, compared to the other age groups. Dreame’s P10 Pocket Stylist hair dryer meets the consumer’s demand for new features and fashion through a combination of drying and styling functions, together with the convenience of portability.

For seniors, brands emphasised home convenience, comfort, and intelligence. According to Euromonitor’s Economies and Consumers annual data, by 2029, the population of seniors (aged 65 and above) in China is expected to approach 18%, higher than the global and Asia Pacific averages, which are both around 12%. This highlights China’s ageing trend in the forecast period and underscores the market potential for age-appropriate appliances products. Haier presented a smart health care space, which had assistive toilet risers, movable washbasins, and shower chairs, showcasing its comprehensive bathroom solutions for seniors. Huawei’s AI hypersensitive sensor can intelligently monitor the elderly’s behaviour, offering health alerts.

By understanding the needs of different groups and combining innovative design with practical functionality, brands have provided thoughtful home appliance solutions, demonstrating the commitment to human-centric care.

Chart showing Source: Euromonitor Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyles Survey, fielded January to February 2023

Image of Dreame P10 Pocket Stylist Hair DryerImage of Haier WeChat

Image of Huawei’s AI Hypersensitive SensorSmart home: Solutions for the future household

The Haier Smart Home Brain introduced its HomeGPT, which can understand consumer needs more accurately and deeply, achieving a transformation from precise commands to conversational instructions. Huawei also showcased its HarmonyOS smart home solutions and interconnected scenarios of people, homes, and vehicles. Additionally, Huawei introduced the latest products in smart home, for example, the Smart MINI Pro, which complements the central control screen. With simple operations, users can quickly import and manage complex scenarios with one click, enhancing the convenience of smart home living and the user experience.

Although the products are unique, we believe that their high price points may be a hindrance to widespread adoption. Therefore, smart home manufacturers should focus on the user experience, innovate, and guarantee reliable, secure connections for improved life ease and safety. Enhancing product compatibility, flexible design options, and after-sales support are crucial for building trust. Addressing consumer needs can boost interest in smart home purchases.

The AWE expo showcased the cutting-edge innovative technologies from various brands. Consumer-centric technological progress remains the main driving force behind the development of the consumer appliances market.

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