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Chart of the Month: Cultural Dimension on Beauty Rituals

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For many consumers, fragrances represent more than just a pleasant scent. They are an accessory that complements the wearer’s unique style and elevates self-confidence. Special occasions become more memorable with the perfect fragrance. Indeed, according to Euromonitor’s Voice of the Consumer: Beauty Survey, fielded June to July 2023, over a quarter of consumers in 2023 purchase perfumes specifically to wear them for these significant moments.

Applying fragrance is a daily ritual for 44% of people worldwide, with the highest usage levels in Latin America and Middle East and Africa in 2023. In contrast, the largest pockets of “never use” fragrance consumers are in North America and Asia Pacific.

Chart of the Month February 2024In this diverse market, brands must adopt a flexible approach to cater to different regions and, further on, to generations' preferences. Niche fragrances often appeal to millennials' desire for unique experiences and search for exclusive note combinations. In contrast, Gen Z-ers often find designer branded perfumes more appealing when it comes to luxury feeling. Through deeper analysis of consumer preferences and generational demand, beauty and personal care companies can better target consumers with stronger marketing communications based on their desires.

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