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Chart of the Month: Consumers and Companies Align on Climate Concerns and Sustainability Action

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Climate action has taken centre stage on the global agenda. Over half of global consumers are worried about climate change and nearly three quarters of companies indicate that climate action is important to their business. More broadly, many consumers strive to make sustainable choices in their purchases and daily habits. This puts increased pressure on brands to provide transparency and ethical products and services to their customers. In response, many companies have a proactive sustainability strategy in place.

Chart showing Consumer Attitudes Toward Sustainability, 2024Businesses worldwide recognise the significant impact of their practices on the environment and communities in their pursuit of sustainability. However, many struggle to measure and report these impacts effectively. As regulations demand transparency and evidence of sustainability efforts, companies must prioritise sustainability more rigorously. To ensure compliance, forward-thinking corporates are shifting away from solely relying on internal metrics. Instead, they are embracing third party and standardised initiatives and metrics such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, outsourced consumer research and customer surveys.

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