Mastering Innovation Through Strategic Tracking of New Product Launches

January 2024

This report analyses data from Euromonitor International’s Innovation platform to provide insights on what type of innovation is happening online, where and in what categories, as well as who is innovating and expanding into new retailers and countries, helping businesses identify where best to focus their innovation strategies and investments for continued success.

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Key findings

Innovation matters

New product innovation matters because it fuels growth, competitiveness and adaptability for businesses. It enables companies to meet customer needs, stay ahead of the curve and contribute to economic development.

Most promising test markets

Promising markets for launching new products are those with a sizeable population, a solid middle class (indicating consumers’ ability and willingness to spend), and favourable economic conditions. In the three years to 2023, the countries with the highest number of new product launches globally were the US, Germany, France, Brazil and India.

Innovation is most vibrant in competitive industries

The most crowded industries are where most new product launches happen, as the density of competition is a catalyst for innovation. Therefore, businesses must thoroughly assess new product potential, taking into account the competitive landscape, unmet needs and evolving consumer preferences.

Large corporations as innovation leaders

Large corporations often emerge as leaders in innovation, leveraging their stronger brand perceptions and positions as industry thought leaders. They set trends in new product development by identifying emerging market needs, introducing new product variants and sub-brands, and strategically entering adjacent industries or categories.

Real-time tracking of new product launches is key to success

The success of new products depends on the ability to track new product launches in real time. This allows companies to effectively monitor consumer preferences and the competitive landscape to inform strategic decisions, such as ramping up production or market withdrawal. It also helps in identifying optimal retail partners for impactful go-to-market strategies.

The Innovation in World report includes:

Data and analysis on new brand and subbrand launches at online retailers within specific country across:

  • Food and Nutrition categories, such as Packaged Food, Soft Drinks, Hot Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, and Pet Care;
  • Beauty, Health and Home categories, such as Consumer Health, Beauty and Personal Care, Tissue and Hygiene, and Home Care. 

The Innovation in World report answers:

  • Is specific country a pacesetter or follower in terms of new product launches across specific industries?
  • What industries lead in terms of new product launches within specific country?
  • What type of innovation is happening within specific industries and categories?
  • What are the examples of some of the innovations across the categories?
  • Which retailers are leading in new product launches within specific country?
About the data used in this report
Key findings
Exploring mastering Innovation through strategic tracking of new product launches
Tracking new product development: Why does it matter?
Determining portfolio evolution is a critical first step in innovation strategy planning
Mastering innovation through strategic tracking of new product launches uncovered
Identify dynamic markets for testing new products to increase the potential for success
Use new product launch tracking data to identify the best markets for launch
The US is the top market for new product launches globally
Germany and Brazil: Strategic gateways for regional expansion
France: A key consideration for launching new beauty related products
Over half of new product launches detected are in the beauty and health industries
Opportunities also exist in other categories
Increasing launch activity in a category can signal growing consumer interest
Understand what product features brands are innovating with
Brands align with important consumer trends and product features for successful innovation
Mapping opportunities for innovation
Track new product launches to understand and learn from competitors innovation strategies
Global players drive new product launches with existing brands
Bath & Body Works leverages existing strengths to expand into adjacent categories
Brand evolution can transcend geographies, categories and occasions
Leveraging new consumption occasions, DirTea is at the forefront of NPD
Keeping a close eye on the competitive landscape
Prominent global retailer Carrefour spearheads innovation
Carrefour’s broad coverage enables it to expand quickly to other countries
Specialist retailers capitalise on their industry supremacy to win
Brands weigh up the benefits of launching in generalists versus specialists
Identifying optimal partners for impactful go-to-market strategies
Key takeaways
Stay on top of new product launches to gain actionable insights for innovation success
Dynamic NPD environment signals shifts in consumer priorities
New product innovation to drive increased revenue and opportunities for growth
Passport Innovation: Industry coverage
Passport Innovation: Geographical coverage
Which retailers are in scope?

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