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Discover new product launches faster than ever before. Track product expansion and withdrawal from across the global digital shelf, with an AI-powered new products database and global analysis of consumer megatrends.


Track product lifecycle from roll-out to phase-out 

To help you understand product innovation better, we can tell you when new brands are failing or succeeding, with up-to-date information on whether a new product is expanding or being dropped by online retailers.

Using Innovation, you can discover where most products are likely to launch first. This helps you to prioritise winning innovations and uncover the opportunities that represent the greatest potential for your category. Get ready to transform the way you launch new products to win today, tomorrow and beyond.


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How can you discover the latest innovation opportunities in your category?

Preview our interactive drinks category dashboard to find the answers to your questions:

  • Where are products tested before they expand?
  • What are the top attributes and features when products enter the market?
  • How quickly was a new brand or sub-brand discontinued?

For an optimal user experience, this interactive dashboard is best viewed on screens with a width of at least 990px.

Discover how we use advanced Machine Learning models to track NPD


Finding Opportunities for New Product Development

Where do products first appear online? Which brands are expanding distribution or being discontinued? And how are your competitors positioning new launches? Answer all of those questions and more with the help of Passport Innovation.

View our guide on how Passport Innovation supports a product launch roadmap with a deep dive into the pet food category.




Making sense of Innovation drivers

Combining our extensive data science capabilities, deep industry expertise, and global analysis of consumer Megatrends, we help you unlock key insights on how and why categories are being disrupted.

Flexible Options

Our AI-powered new product library

Passport Innovation is an AI-powered database which identifies and tracks new brand and sub-brand launches across the global digital shelf from January 2021 onwards. 

Learn about our AI-powered new product library

Architecting Solutions3

Our Megatrends Quantification Model 

Our Megatrends Quantification Model simplifies how you prioritise and activate innovation trends. Inform innovation decision making by quantifying trends with supporting data.

Learn about our Megatrends Quantification Model

Approximately one third of newly launched brands in 2022 had disappeared from the market in 2023

We help you understand what works, what doesn’t and why, so that your product launches are more likely to succeed.



Spot new launches fast with an automated AI process that identifies new brands and sub-brands as they hit online retailers around the world 

Route 2

Track new product movement as new brands and sub-brands enter different countries, move across retailers and expand into adjacent categories. 

Learn Revised

Learn what works as new brands or sub-brands succeed or fail. See when online retailers add or drop them from their assortment.


Win with actionable insights on what drives innovation, including key trends impacting consumer purchasing decisions and analysis on how brands are responding with new innovations.


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Ready to transform the way you launch new products?

Do you need deeper data insights? 

An insight-driven and customer-centric approach is key for breakthrough innovation. We help you identify early warning signals of trends, white space and category evolution for market success. 

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Searching for more granular  intelligence?         

Our research consulting team can answer your commercial questions with regards to Innovation. Explore data and insights generated by our 1,200 on-the-ground analysts in over 100 developed, emerging and frontier markets.  

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 Want to know where to focus your strategy? 

 Do you need to understand which long-term, fundamental shifts will impact your business over the next decade? Learn how powerful trends can influence investment opportunities and change your growth trajectory.

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