Rabia Yasmeen

Rabia Yasmeen Senior Consultant – Services and Payments

Emerging Markets | Social Commerce | Retail Tech | Cross Border | Traditional Retail​ | Specialist Marketplaces


About Rabia

Rabia is an expert on digital commerce and developing thought leadership relating to this dynamic and increasingly significant subject. 

In addition to insights-based content, Rabia works as an internal expert on research design and innovation and has been global project lead for travel and digital consumer research, where she has crafted and managed various sector indices, ensured global data quality and driven thought leadership.

With experience in strategy, research, and insights, Rabia advises clients on digital commerce strategy across a wide range of industries, including retail, fmcg, travel and consumer finance. Her interest in digital technologies and innovation as a denominator to transform and accelerate wider industries enables her to offer cross-vertical strategic insight.