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Do you need better online sales data to get an accurate picture of whether your sales are keeping up with your competitors?


Eliminate guesswork from tracking online sales

To help you win online, we offer monthly and quarterly online sales by industry, category, sub-category, brand and retailer. We map SKU-level purchase data from e-commerce websites, e-receipts and clickstream panels for over 500 online retailers to our globally standardised taxonomy.

No other company empowers you with such comprehensive e-commerce data, helping you to take the guesswork out of tracking online sales performance.

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You can measure your brand’s online sales against your competitors

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You can identify the fastest growing countries, categories and retailers to sharpen your digital strategy


You can strike the right partnerships to invest in winning retailers and brands

Discover which categories, companies and brands are winning online 

How easily can you track who is winning online and growth opportunities?

Explore example data from our China E-Commerce dashboard to see how we can answer your questions for online sales:

  • Which brands are the biggest winners during key online shopping events like Singles Day (11/11)?
  • How do your brands' online sales compare to your competitors month-on-month?
  • Which categories and brands are winning on specific retailers such as Tmall vs JD vs Douyin (TikTok)? 


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Transforming the most trusted e-commerce sources into sales data

Access real-world data from 520+ retailers that account for at least 80% of total online sales across 15 countries and 12 product categories. Map SKU-level purchase data from clickstream panels, e-receipts and online retailers to a globally standardised category taxonomy, and capture online shopping behaviours of more than 11 million panelists.


Take the guesswork out of tracking online sales performance

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Making sense of e-commerce purchase data

We map real SKU purchase data from clickstream panels, e-receipts and online retailers to our globally standardised taxonomy using our expertise in machine learning and data science.  By combining ‘big’ e-commerce datasets with our tradition retail research, we estimate online sales at a category, company and brand level for easy tracking and comparison. Learn more about our methodology. 


Do you need deeper data insights to shape your online strategy?

Need to analyse online pricing data? 

We can provide you with daily pricing and promotions data from more than 1000 websites in 40 countries around the world..  

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Need more granular online sales forecasts? 

We can offer you projections on the share of your categories which will sell through e-commerce channels such as omnichannel, pure-play and last-mile.

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Need an overview of the e-commerce landscape?

We can give you an overview of competitors, business models, emerging technologies, and evolving omni channels shopper needs which can inform your strategies to grow and sustain your e-commerce presence..

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Has Douyin Become the Next Big Channel for Supplement in China?

Yang Hu

Yang Hu

4 Mar 24

Since the pandemic, China's vitamins and dietary supplements market has experienced robust growth, and sales through digital channels have been expanding continuously. The market size of consumer health products in China was USD57.1 billion in 2023, with an e-commerce penetration rate of 42%. In this evolving market, Douyin, as China's most popular short-video platform, has quickly risen to become a popular platform for purchasing health products.


Coupang’s Luxury Leap: Farfetch Acquisition Fuels Retail Dominance

Lisa Hong

Lisa Hong

23 Jan 24

Coupang, a major player in South Korea’s e-commerce, has shown exceptional growth in the country and aims to fulfil its aspiration for global penetration. While its attempt to explore overseas market face challenges, Coupang persists in strategic expansions including recent Farfetch acquisitions. Through the acquisition, Coupang is accelerating its transformation from a retailer primarily focused on household essentials to a more comprehensive platform that includes luxury items.


Amazon Promoted Beauty More During Amazon Prime Days in 2023 Than 2022

Michelle Evans

Michelle Evans

26 Oct 23

Amazon dominates in online sales of beauty and personal care in the US and is continuing to make gains in most categories. Amazon's success in beauty and personal care is due to its competitive pricing, product range, and logistics, but also to its savvy seasonal strategy, especially during the holiday season and its annual Prime Day promotion.

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