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Kayla Villena

Kayla Villena Industry Manager, Beauty and Personal Care

Sustainability​ | E-Commerce​ | Digitalisation​ | Channels​ | Packaging


About Kayla

Kayla leads the publication of beauty and personal care content and engages with a variety of clients to provide strategic insights and lead them to opportunities. She synthesises beauty insights with Euromonitor’s other offerings in retailing, packaging, survey, pricing, and product claims systems.

Kayla is Euromonitor’s global expert on beauty and personal care. She has a special interest in how pricing analysis, shifts in consumer behaviour, and sustainability are impacting beauty and personal care.

Kayla is a regular contributor to Natural Products Insider, Beauty Packaging, and Global Cosmetics Industry and has spoken at Cosmoprof and World Perfumery Congress. She has been quoted in Vogue Business, Business of Fashion, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. 

Before her current position, Kayla was a project manager and in-country analyst for Euromonitor's Consulting division for six years.