World Market for Product Claims and Positioning

February 2021

Most of consumers’ information gathering is made online and internet retailing boomed in 2020. Product Claims and Positioning takes positioning intelligence to the digital space at the most opportune time. Read this global briefing to learn more about the products targeting the Immunity Seeking Pandemic Consumer, the lead of the Organic Claim, the migration of the Vegan claim beyond food and drinks, Vegan Beauty and the lack of labelling initiatives for Social Sustainability.

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Key findings

Growing importance of internet retailing

The increased importance of e-commerce across all industries, driven by COVID-19, causes more consumers to interact with brands online. In 2020, more product research is made online than offline and it is expected that brands offer relevant insights through digital channels.

Organic claim remains strong and growing

Organic, led by food and drinks, is the most common claim tracked. Some consumers turned to organic food to boost their immunity during 2020. The increased focus on health in relation to organic has the potential to benefit organic.

Immunity taking its place among health claims

Fear of COVID-19 has spiked interest in immune system health and manufacturers are responding with launches, especially in soft drinks. Lasting worries of the efficacy of antibodies and vaccines as defense against new COVID-19 strings is likely to drive consumer interest in a holistic approach to immunity.

Vegan beauty set to replace cruelty free claim

Growth for vegan beauty in North America, Western Europe, Australasia and the UAE allows consumers to shift away from ingredients they consider chemical and unsafe. The vegan claim is therefore connected to the personal health and wellbeing. Increased focus on health in relation to vegan beauty has the potential to drive a further move away from cruelty-free toward vegan labelling.


Growing importance of digital positioning strengthened by COVID-19
COVID-19 impact on Product Claims and Positioning
The importance of digital shelf information grows in importance
Brands struggle to highlight their strategic messaging in e-commerce
Most used claims are sustainability related across the board
Organic development in pet care held back by need for balanced formula
Larger availability of organic options can sometimes drive organic growth
In other cases, assortment expansion is not the best way forward
A strong wellness connection is key to growth in organic food and drinks
Health and wellness spending to increase, temporarily or permanently
Immune system interest high as never before
Eastern Europe sees highest potential for immune system positioning
Immunity claim strongest in pet care and consumer health
Immunity claim examples from Eastern Europe
Immunity claim examples from consumer health
Immunity positioning in pet care remains a way to differentiate
Criticism of long ingredient lists and heavy processing in vegan faux meat
Plant-based moves beyond meat substitutes and dairy alternatives
Vegan beauty replaces cruelty free as consumers demand more
Largest beauty companies take a half-hearted approach to vegan beauty
Seed Phytonutrients is a masstige brand with a purpose
Independent challenger brands drive the vegan beauty trend
Cruelty free and/or 100% vegan claims attract female consumers
Blue ocean conditions for certification schemes for social sustainability
Growing importance of digital positioning strengthened by COVID-19
Product Claims and Positioning Method


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