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Christy Tawii

Christy Tawii Research Manager

cape town


About Christy

Christy leads a team of analysts at Euromonitor International, focusing on market research, analysis, content production, and client engagement within the beauty and fashion, home and tech, channels, and services and payments industries in sub-Saharan Africa.



With a particular interest in the role of informal retail as a key distribution channel in emerging markets, Christy has presented, researched, and generated content on this subject. In addition to identifying emerging trends and uncovering growth opportunities, she helps businesses adapt and thrive in these dynamic markets. Her extensive experience encompasses a full understanding and application of a diverse range of research methodologies, producing high value, strategic content.

Recently Published Work


Arabian Travel Market

Christy Tawii

Christy Tawii

DWTC, Dubai 8 May 24 | GST: 10:00 AM

Arabian Travel Market is the gateway to truly global travel and tourism growth. For over three decades, there has been one goal - unlocking business potential for the travel trade industry.


World Travel Market Africa

Christy Tawii

Christy Tawii

Cape Town 12 Apr 24 | Cape Verde Time: 01:30 PM

At WTM Africa, everyone belongs. We cultivate a culture of inclusion at all our events, where the very things that make each of us unique are celebrated.


Beyond Booking: How Technology is Reshaping Travel in the Middle East and Africa

Christy Tawii

Christy Tawii

15 Nov 23

Digitalisation is revolutionising the travel and tourism industry in the Middle East and Africa. Today's tourists are seeking unique and immersive experiences, driving travel businesses to harness cutting-edge technologies to meet these evolving demands. These innovations are more than simply tools; they are redefining how travellers plan, book, and experience their journeys, thereby disrupting traditional business models.