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Spiros Malandrakis

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Spiros Malandrakis Industry Manager - Alcoholic Drinks


English, Greek, Modern (1453�)

About Spiros

As Industry Manager, Spiros sets the agenda, standards, focus and insight levels for Euromonitor's global alcoholic drinks research. He is also a key contributor and thought leader in development of the company's cannabis research analyses and system data.



Spiros has been providing prescient and pioneering insights on the evolution, branding and innovation within the global alcoholic drinks industry for the past two decades. Prior to working at Euromonitor, Spiros worked as a freelance analyst and journalist for a number of independent publications. He is also founder of the iconic London bar, Behind This Wall.

Recently Published Work


Mindful Drinking: No/Lo Comes of Age

Spiros Malandrakis

Spiros Malandrakis

20 Nov 23

Functionality cues are increasingly replacing simplistic dealcoholisation approaches, and botanical alchemy and molecular experimentation with new ingredients are making the no/lo landscape one of the most innovative and exciting in the alcohol ecosystem. It is here to stay.


Non-Alcoholic Spirits: Deciphering Online Sales, Diversification and Consumer Ratings

Jared Conway

Jared Conway

28 Apr 23

The pandemic accelerated the shift towards moderation and mindful drinking, leading to an increase in demand for non-alcoholic spirits as a healthier and safer alternative. Using Euromonitor International’s e-commerce tracking tool, Via, online data for stock keeping units (SKUs) can easily identify trends.


Cannabis Beverages: Raising a Glass to New Rituals and Disrupting Drinks Ecosystems

Spiros Malandrakis

Spiros Malandrakis

22 Mar 23

Cannabis drinks, still relatively niche and only accounting for a low share of cannabis sales in the markets where they are available, hold the potential to disrupt established drinks ecosystems and the traditions surrounding them, starting with alcoholic drinks.