Top Consumer Cities 2021: Where to Look for Opportunities?

January 2021

The global urban consumer landscape is increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. Which cities should you choose for your consumer business expansion? To answer this and other questions, we are introducing the Euromonitor International Cities Scorecard tool, which ranks 1,200+ cities globally and helps determine which urban consumer markets are offering the best opportunities. This report provides global and regional city ranks and detailed city snapshots of the most promising cities.

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Key findings

The global urban consumer landscape is increasingly complex and difficult to navigate

Urban consumer potential is fragmented across the globe and depends on many different indicators. Euromonitor International has developed the City Scorecard benchmarking tool, which ranks 1,220 cities globally and allows consumer companies to quickly assess the current state and the future potential of urban consumer markets.

The top 100 most attractive consumer cities account for a significant share of potential global consumer expenditure

The most attractive 100 cities are mainly located in the US, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. These 100 cities will add USD5.3 trillion in real consumer income and will contribute 29% of the global growth in the number of wealthy households over 2020-2040. Targeting the most attractive cities will enable consumer businesses to be in the fastest growing and most promising urban markets, with the highest potential returns.

The US remains the leading consumer market, with 14 out of the top 20 global consumer cities in 2021

Austin, Dallas and Washington are the top three most attractive consumer cities globally. US cities might not rank at the top in population size and future growth, but they are the clear leaders in average income and number of wealthy consumers. US cities also rank very high in terms of the economy, labour and transport pillars.

Asia Pacific offers the fastest growth in the wealthy consumer segment, and relatively large populations

China’s and Malaysia's cities are the most promising consumer markets in Asia Pacific. First and foremost, they offer the potential of strong income growth, with large city populations, supported by economic strength and rising consumer spending. Kuala Lumpur, Jinan and Wenzhou are expected to be the most attractive cities in Asia Pacific in 2021.

Key findings
Key findings (cont.)
Top 100 cities: key contributors to future opportunities
Top 20 cities: US a consumer paradise, but opportunities exist elsewhere
World’s top 20 consumer cities mainly large, with 2-5 million inhabitants
North America’s top 10 consumer cities 2021
US cities dominate in terms of consumer spending, wealth and economy
Austin, TX: large city with young, dynamic and tech-savvy population
Dallas, TX: very large but affordable and growing city
Washington, DC: high proportion of wealthy consumers
Asia Pacific’s top 10 consumer cities 2021
Asia Pacific: cities lead in wealth, labour and transport
Kuala Lumpur: booming city with growing high-income population
Jinan: large city with exceptionally high digitalisation rate
Wenzhou: a manufacturing powerhouse with high wealth potential
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) top 10 consumer cities 2021
MENA’s top 20 cities: highest ranks in digital consumers globally
Manama, Bahrain: medium sized city strong in digital consumers
Doha, Qatar: strong future growth and boost from FIFA 2022
Dubai: large, digitally-savvy and wealthy population
Western Europe’s top 10 consumer cities 2021
Western Europe: some of the most attractive digital consumer markets
Stockholm: large and growing city with strong middle class
Dublin: medium sized city with thriving economy and large households
Copenhagen: high housing costs but a happy population
Latin America’s top 10 consumer cities 2021
Latin America: cities with growing populations and decent wealth ranks
Panama City, Panama: mid-sized city with high and fast growing income
Santiago, Chile: growing income and numerous wealthy households
Santo Domingo, DR: large and expanding city, but relatively low incomes
Australasia’s top 10 consumer cities 2021
Australasia: leads in population and durables possession categories
Melbourne: high-income city with a huge number of wealthy households
Auckland: growing and wealthy city, with high scores standard of living
Sydney: a smart, tech-savvy city with a productive labour pool
Sub-Saharan Africa top 10 consumer cities 2021
Sub-Saharan Africa: global dominance in large and growing populations
Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire): city with a fast-growing population
Johannesburg: offers high number of wealthy consumers regionally
Nairobi: a vital commercial and financial metropolis in East Africa
Eastern Europe top 10 consumer cities 2021
Eastern Europe: Mediocre global rankings in all areas
Prague: stable birth rate and high number of wealthy consumers
Bucharest: a city a with strong digital consumer base
Moscow: city with the strongest luxury consumer potential in the region
The City Scorecard methodology
The City Scorecard methodology (cont.)


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