State of Play of Customer Loyalty

February 2023

Evolving customer loyalty triggers businesses to redefine their strategies and business models and deliver authenticity, flexibility and a seamless customer journey. Building a deeper, more emotional connection with the individual customer through a purpose-driven platform is a must.

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Key findings

Loyalty in a time of disloyalty

Loyalty is at a crossroads with businesses rethinking and revitalising their brand strategies in light of the changing consumer preferences, e-commerce boom and dynamic economic conditions. Curating an emotional bond with consumers becomes a dominant factor for adding value and increasing retention.

Conscious consumers

While monetary benefits are top of mind for consumers in terms of loyalty, consumers are now seeking more from brands from emotional satisfaction and simple communication under a safe platform. On the other hand, consumers are easily triggered by information, risking retention of loyalty and requiring careful attention from brands.

Multiple forms of value

Loyalty programmes drive value in terms of revenue and data. Loyal customers will spend more per trip than the average customer, and they could be convinced to join lucrative paid loyalty schemes. These customers are also likelier to trust and engage with a company’s digital channels, providing valuable data on their shopping habits.

Shift to emotional loyalty

Next-generation loyalty will place the customer in the driving seat, building emotional connection between brands and customers through novel ways of engagement. Hyper-personalisation will be key to foster trust and a long-term relationship.

Next gen powered by Web 3.0

Loyalty programme structure will decentralise, weaving in technology for flexible and consumer-centric reward structure. Powered by Web 3.0, the new era of loyalty programmes will be an open ecosystem driven by communities. 

About the report
Key Findings
Defining customer loyalty
Loyalty is not one-way-street communication only between the brand and the consumer
The reinvention of customer loyalty through the years
Traditional types of loyalty schemes
Traditional types of loyalty schemes (cont.)
Top 10 leading retailers ranked by retail value sales in 2022 and their loyalty structure
COVID-19 forged a major reset for loyalty programmes
The power of loyalty is building an emotional connection
Looking beyond rewards
Connecting with customers: the key to higher acquisition and retention rates
Supercharging customer loyalty with the help of decentralised ecosystems
The emerging triggers and enablers of loyalty
Customer loyalty at a crossroads
Privacy-first loyalty programmes: a long-term investment
Case Study: North America – among the most dominant regions in terms of loyalty spend
Missed opportunities for leading brands: can loyalty schemes help increase consumer reach?
Walmart leads but more can be done
Designing successful cross-border loyalty schemes requires full digital optimisation
Consumers turn to loyalty along with careful spending in uncertain times
What does loyalty mean for consumers?
Loyalty is a mix of transactional and emotional satisfaction
A simple and safe platform is also a key component to build the base of loyalty
Introducing Euromonitor’s “ Engaged Loyalist ” profile
Consumers gain trust when they share the same values and beliefs
Retaining loyalty is a challenge with fickle consumers
Case Study: Star Alliance’s loyalty challenged on social media
Key areas for businesses to learn from consumers
Mapping the journey to customer loyalty
Trust begins with a company’s values
Turning trust into advocacy
Trust beyond the loyalty programme
Building trust in action
Loyalty drives multiple types of value
Steps to increase loyalty programmers’ value
Four key trends that will shape next-generation loyalty
Fragmented market calls for shift to emotional appeal for better engagement and retention
Rethinking ways of engagement to build trust and long-term relationships
BAO gamifying restaurant experience with BAOverse
Hugo Boss Experience to reward customers through improving brand experience
Hyper-personalisation adds value to the consumer journey which builds reliance and trust
Delta’s Delta Sync to offer seamless and personalised on-board experience
Web 3.0 to drive decentralisation and empower consumers in next-gen loyalty
Visualising the shift from closed to open ecosystem for loyalty programmes
Expedia’s One Key to offer greater flexibility and value to customers
Cha Cha Matcha launches Web 3.0-based loyalty programme with experiential rewards
Community-driven loyalty programmes to groom brand advocates
Sephora’s Beauty Insider creates own beauty community enabling peer-to-peer interactions
Cymbiotika’s Arise aims to reward customers for staying committed to their health
Futureproofing brand loyalty is a must to help unleash true potential
Embrace holistic approach to curate next-generation loyalty schemes

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