Smart Homes: How to Unlock the Potential

May 2023

Smart home adoption will accelerate in the near term, as Matter-enabled devices become commonplace. Interoperability will enable companies to provide better experiences, while consumers will enjoy improved and more personalised services.

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Key Findings

Matter will enable the next level of smart home automation

Matter will enable disparate devices to be connected and automated, leading to significant consumer opportunities. A seamless smart home will enable companies to provide a greater range of services and better experiences.

Smart sustainability starts at home

Technology will enable consumers to have greater control over their homes’ energy and water usage, in addition to reducing food and material waste. With AI coming into play and automating many of these tasks, a smart home’s carbon footprint can be reduced.

Experiential living

The Metaverse, driven by Extended Reality (XR) technologies, offers a new and engaging way for companies to reach out to their customers, who are spending an increasing amount of time seeking online experiences.

Home will evolve into more than a roof over our heads

Consumers want their homes to be more than just a roof over their heads. A companion home will provide valuable experiences and services to consumers throughout their lives. Robots are already a reality within many homes.

Sustainability messaging and education will be needed

Consumers increasingly identify and purchase only from companies which are sustainable. Increasingly, funds are also investing in sustainable companies. Brands thus need a suitable sustainability communication plan in place.


Key takeaways
Exploring the potential of smart homes
Drivers of smart homes
Smart homes uncovered
The launch of Matter will kickstart the next phase of consumer smart home adoption
Interoperability will lead to seamless communication between devices
Case study: Samsung SmartThings and Matter – building “incredible experiences”
Smart devices uptake will increase as integration barriers are removed
Reducing carbon footprint will be a central theme of the smart home
Schneider Electric wants to make homes electricity smart
The automated kitchen will support consumers’ health and reduce food waste
Home sustainability can accelerated
Consumers are spending more time online while at home
Companies need to engage the younger consumers who value online experiences
Central Retail embraces new ways to bring the mall to its customers on its digital platform
The Metaverse offers companies a new avenue to engage with their customers
Technology will enable our homes to become our companions
Case study: Alexa Together – a remote caregiving service from Amazon
Case study: Tesla Bot
Our homes will evolve beyond a shelter
Key takeaways
Smart homes: How to win
Evolution of smart homes
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