Pet Care in Western Europe

May 2024

The Western European pet care market performed strongly during the pandemic, with pet adoption levels up and owners spending more time with their pets during home seclusion. However, the high inflation in the region was putting pressure on consumers’ purchasing power from 2022, negatively impacting volume sales in recent years. Nevertheless, the premiumisation and pet humanisation trends are helping to drive value sales in pet care, which is expected to continue over the forecast period.

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Key findings

Turkey continues outpacing the other regional pet care markets

Pet care in Turkey was continuing to grow at an impressive pace in 2024, albeit at a slower rate than in previous years, with the recent COVID-19-generated boom in pet ownership largely receding. However, with puppies and kittens adopted in the pandemic having reached adulthood, the amount of food they consume is increasing. Turkey also continues to see a developing pet humanisation trend, boosting the country’s transition to prepared pet food.

Private label share up in France

As in a number of countries in the region, private label showed impressive results in France in 2023. Despite retailers being forced to increase prices on their private label lines due to inflation they still continued to attract demand. Private label players have also introduced premium ranges to encourage consumers to make the switch from branded products.

E-commerce share keeps growing among the distribution channels

In the UK, Western Europe’s biggest pet care market, e-commerce now accounts for a 35% sales share. However, pet shops and superstores still lead regionally, appreciated for their wide range of products and the expert advice available from the in-store staff. Such outlets are increasingly pursuing an omnichannel approach, but also continue to expand their physical footprint: with Maxi Zoo planning to add up to 50 stores in France in 2024, for example.

Positive value growth expected for pet care over 2024-2029

Dog and cat populations will generally continue growing in Western Europe, with the premiumisation and pet humanisation trends also continuing to develop. Even with the recent difficult economic climate, many owners were loathe to cut spending on their pets, particularly those who tend to buy premium products. However, as in the final years of the review period, the value performance will continue to outstrip the volume performance.

Key findings
Western Europe has very similar retail value sales of dog food and cat food
Western Europe underperforming the global growth rates
Following the stagnation in 2022, positive growth expected in the following years
Turkey records the most dynamic growth over the review period
Cat treats and mixers enjoy strong growth in Western Europe over 2019-2024
Cat food most dynamic over 2019-2024
Pet care sales generally remain resilient despite inflation pushing up prices
Demand for premium pet food remains strong despite tough economic climate
Pet shops and superstores remains the biggest distribution channel…
…but e-commerce continues gaining share in pet care
Consolidation in the pet shops and superstores channel in Spain
Private label accounts for a fifth of Western European pet care sales
Mars sees a dip in its UK share after a pricing dispute with retailer Tesco
Most of the top 10 players have a presence in a number of countries across Western Europe
Mars and Nestlé lines continue to dominate the regional top 10 brands
Positive but slowing growth expected over the forecast period
Premiumisation and pet humanisation likely to continue shaping pet care trends
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