Pet Care in Middle East and Africa

May 2024

Pet care continues to record strong growth in real value terms in Middle East and Africa, in spite of the difficult economic environment in recent years hitting the volume sales performance. Ongoing premiumisation and pet humanisation are helping to drive value growth, despite some low-income pet owners being forced to switch from mid-priced to economy brands as rising inflation hits their spending budgets. Positive value growth is expected to continue being seen over the forecast period.

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Key Findings

Humanisation trend helping to drive premiumisation of pet care

Continued growth in the humanisation trend is contributing to the premiumisation trend in both cat and dog food, with consumers seeking products that aim to better maintain their pet’s health and quality of life. Products that provide more nutritional value and added benefits are becoming increasingly popular among pet owners.

Saudi Arabia recording double-digit pet food growth

An increase in its cat and dog population from 0.8 to 2.4 million over the review period has been the main driver of growth in Saudi Arabian pet care in recent years. While cats remain most popular, local consumers’ attitudes towards dogs have also been changing. With dogs now allowed on buses in the Kingdom, dog food growth is even expected to outpace that of cat food for the first time in many years in 2024.

E-commerce share grows but pet shops and superstores continue to lead

Pet shops and superstores (42%) continue to lead pet care distribution in the region, ahead of supermarkets (22%) and hypermarkets (12%). Even in the post-pandemic period, e-commerce sales have continued to grow, with this channel’s share reaching 10% in 2024. Veterinary clinics, with an 11% share regionally, are a popular format for purchasing premium products.

Continued growth expected over 2024-2029

With further growth anticipated in pet populations across the region, and the premiumisation and pet humanisation trends expected to continue developing, value sales will remain on an upward trajectory over the forecast period. Despite the difficult recent economic backdrop, owners are expected to keep spending on their pets, which they see as valued family members.


Key findings
Bigger cat than dog populations in many of the region’s countries
Middle East and Africa ha s the lowest pet care sales and per capita spend
Positive annual growth rates expected for value sales throughout the 2019-2029 period
Saudi Arabia’s cat population continues seeing dynamic growth in 2024
Both cat food and dog food record dynamic growth in Saudi Arabia over 2019-2024
Cat food most dynamic and adds most new sales over the 2019-2024 period
Pet populations and pet food sales generally on the rise across the region
Pet humanisation and premiumisation helping to drive value growth in pet care
Pet shops and superstores the main pet care distribution channel in the region
Retail e-commerce continues growing its share
Relatively high levels of concentration across most pet care markets in the region
Mars remains a strong leader in pet care in Middle East and Africa
South Africa the main revenue generator for half of the top 10 players in the region
Mars’ Royal Canin and Whiskas brands continue to lead Middle East and Africa pet care
Positive value growth expected throughout the forecast period for pet care
Saudi Arabia will record the strongest growth in the region
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Saudi Arabia: Competitive and Retail Landscape
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Pet Care

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