Pet Care in Asia Pacific

May 2024

While growth in Asia Pacific pet care sales has slowed in recent years, against a backdrop of rising prices in a number of countries, it has remained positive. Expanding pet populations and more owners moving away from scraps to packaged pet food are helping drive growth. As are the ongoing premiumisation and pet humanisation trends, which should continue to positively influence the Asia Pacific pet care market over the forecast period.

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Key findings

Japan seeing new entrants to pet care from other industries

Players from industries such as packaged food or consumer health have been entering pet care in Japan. For example, supplement giant, Fancl, major pharmaceutical company, Rohto Pharmaceutical, and drinking yoghurt player, Yakult Honsha, are among the recent entrants to pet care in this country.

Increasing popularity of therapeutic food

Therapeutic food is performing strongly in South Korea, not least due to the increasing populations of senior cats and dogs. With a growing interest in healthcare, there is a shifting trend towards prioritising health management from a young age and scheduling more frequent check-ups. Therapeutic pet food is therefore tending to be prescribed at a younger age.

E-commerce share continues to grow

E-commerce continues to gain share in Asia Pacific, accounting for 44% of retail value sales in 2024. South Korea (69%) and China (59%) boast the highest online sales shares in pet care. In addition to traditional e-commerce platforms, emerging interest-based e-commerce platforms such as Douyin are gaining popularity among younger Chinese pet owners with their wider variety of products and rapid product renewal cycles.

China’s cat population growth will outstrip that of dogs in the coming years

Growth in the cat population is expected to continue being stronger in China in the coming years than for the dog population. Cats are usually considered to be cute, quiet, calm, more hygienic than dogs, to have fewer social needs and less space requirement. These features are particularly popular among Millennial and Gen Z pet owners.

Key findings
Cat food outselling dog food as the cat population continues to see strong growth
Asia Pacific the third biggest regional pet care market
Growth slows from the highs seen in the earlier years of 2019-2029
China adds most new sales, while Indonesia records the most dynamic CAGR
Cat food most dynamic and adds most new sales over 2019-2024
Cat food and pet products most dynamic in 2019-2024
Cat food continues to set the pace in terms of Chinese pet care growth
Difficult economic backdrop impacting the pet care markets in Japan and South Korea
Retail offline share dips below 50% of sales in 2024
E-commerce share continues to grow in 2024
Concentration varies across the countries in Asia Pacific
Local players benefit from weakening yen in the Japanese market
Japan remains the main revenue generator for the top 10 players
MyFoodie’s competitive pricing popular with Chinese consumers
Continued growth expected throughout the forecast period
Premiumisation and pet humanisation among the trends that will be driving growth
Cat food growth will continue outstripping dog food growth in South Korea
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Pet Care

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