Megatrends: Wellness - Mapping Strategic Priorities in Health, Beauty and Fashion

January 2024

Amid a proliferating wellness market, successful strategies hinge on a delicate balance of accessibility, authenticity, and tangible results, with emphasis on scientific backing, affordability, and seamless integration into consumers' holistic well-being. Business investment should prioritise uniquely defined and untapped territories, like emotional relevance, advanced personalized health, and women's health initiatives, enhancing value perceptions across health, beauty, and fashion industries.

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Key Findings

Wellness proliferates amid shifting consumer values and priorities

As wellness gains mainstream traction, successful strategies hinge on balancing accessibility, authenticity and tangible results, with an emphasis on transparency of science backing, affordability, and adapting products and services to seamlessly integrate into consumers’ increasingly interconnected physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Embedding emotion in driving both desirability and “happiness” outcomes

With “happiness” integral to wellness self-expressions the need for emotional support through ingredients, sensorial experiences and science-, tech-enabled therapeutics or product creation is reinforced. Creating desirability should be inclusive of social values, emphasising impact that promotes empathy, health access and addresses the underserved.

Integration of advanced diagnostics for enhanced health prevention and personalisation

Consumer products and services are on the brink of a transformation through medical-grade interventions, spearheaded by investments in more accurate diagnostics, AI integration, collaborations with medical professionals and advancements in scientific research for health biohacking and longevity pursuits.

Focus on underserved female-centric solutions across the entire wellness ecosystem

Addressing underserved women's health needs necessitates portfolio reassessments and fine-tuning of brand messaging. Precision-health and emotion-focused initiatives must assess physical-psychological symptom interrelations, incorporating various health metrics for comprehensive care across unique concerns and life stages.

Value creation in health, beauty and fashion industries through more uniquely defined spaces

Amid a saturated market, strategic investments should prioritise uniquely defined and untapped territories, including deeper emotional relevance, advanced personalised health approaches and women’s health-centric initiatives, enhancing value perceptions in distinct but equally rewarding ways across health, beauty and fashion industries.

Leaders harness megatrends to disrupt a market
Key findings
Wellness megatrend: Definitional scope and opportunities widen
Wellness remains a top priority for consumers and businesses
Wellness: Pillars
Key right to win wellness spaces
From function to emotion: Dedicating further efforts for mental fitness and resilience
Precision health: Broadening spectrum of more advanced and personalised solutions
Women’s health: Recognising the interplay across the whole wellbeing ecosystem
Consumer health: Scope for further sophistication in supplements and female health focus
Tally Health goes on longevity quest through epigenetics and cellular repair supplements
Myoovie delivers drug-free tech-enabled alternative for women’s pain relief
Beauty: Medical-grade credentials and exploration of wider health and wellness territories
Gallinée injects further science into skin diagnostics via partnership with Sequential Skin
Fewe encourages “hormone hacking” to support holistic needs across the menstrual cycle
Tissue and hygiene: Femcare adopts holistic lifestyle approach and tackles precision health
Daye steps into diagnostic services to broaden accessibility to female gynecological health
Essity’s Issviva doubles downs on education, community and empathy to boost demand
Eyewear: Leveraging the function eyewear can play in promoting broader wellness
Vision Express first eyewear player to emotionally connect with consumer through inclusivity
Vizo launches tech-driven solution for ADHD-targeted mental health support
Fashion: Wellness pushes tech integration beyond sports to tackle women’s health goals
US-based tech start-up Bloomer Tech’s bra saves lives through tracking cardiovascular disease
Nike Well Collective launches in the US to support “Body, Mind and Life”
Brands should be mindful of broad-brush and vaguely-defined wellness strategies
Key business implications
Wellness: How to win?
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