Megatrends: Experience More Impact on Consumer Goods and Service Categories

August 2023

The Experience More megatrend continues to resonate with consumers despite the cost-of-living crisis. Consumer goods and services brands are leveraging new technology to deliver enhanced brand experiences that play out in the real world, online or a combination of both. The battle for Experience More will continue to take place at the sharp edge of art, fashion and game-changing technology such as Web 3.0, Generative AI and spatial computing, mindful of positive impacts and consumer wellbeing.

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Key Findings

Capturing the moment

The Experience More megatrend continues to resonate with consumers despite the cost-of-living crisis, with a forecast consumer spend of USD583 billion by 2027 although the CAGR will be curtailed at 1.7% over 2022-2027 as inflationary pressures take their toll on discretionary spending.

Anytime, anywhere

The division between digital and physical experiences is blurring ever more and with advances in technology such as decentralised commerce, Web 3.0 and Generative AI, consumers have ever greater control in how they engage with brands. Thinking holistically across the customer journey is critical to ensure a consistent yet authentic brand experience regardless of domain. 

Move over metaverse, spatial computing is here

The release of Apple’s Vision Pro in 2024 is going to be a gamechanger in how consumers engage with the real world, as mixed reality enters the mainstream, so far limited to the gaming community, ushering in a new era of blended experiences.

Partnerships for success

Some of the best examples of Experience More are taking place at the cutting edge of art, fashion, luxury and technology where brands understand that in the attention economy, it is about the power of experiences that have captivating storytelling, exclusivity and cachet for long-term loyalty. Web 3.0 opens up new opportunities to forge deeper emotional connections.

Feel good factor

Fresh, new experiences are scientifically proven to make people feel good with the dopamine effect. The battle for brand loyalty will increasingly be fought on many fronts: enhanced benefits, creating joy, personalised delivery, mindful of positive and negative impacts.


Megatrends: Experience More impact on consumer goods and service categories
Key findings
Experience More pillars framework
Consumer appetite for experiences remains strong despite inflationary pressures
Millennials - the most experiential generational cohort - lead the way
Festivals, leisure events and experiences take their time to recover
Pace of development of Experience More varies across consumer goods and services
Experience More phenomenon transcends boundaries
Consumer foodservice: Elevating the experience through digital and nostalgia
Chipotle Mexican Grill’s fun and digital approach keeps it real and authentic
Going all out for fun and engaging retail experiences in store
Zara takes its stylish offer to the next level with experiential retail
Growing interest in consumer electronics drives new types of B2C experiences
Apple Vision Pro takes experience to new heights
Food and nutrition: embracing experience to stand out from the crowd
Eat Just and GOOD Meat revolutionise the food chain to experience meat in a new way
Luxury and fashion are ahead of the game in immersive experiences
adidas goes all out to elevate its Web 3.0 brand experience
Experience More will remain a priority for consumers
Key takeaways (1/2)
Key takeaways (2/2)
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