Megatrends: Diversity and Inclusion Impact on Consumer Goods and Services Categories

December 2023

The US Supreme Court's Affirmative Action ruling impacts corporate Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, yet the consumer demand for inclusive products and services remains robust, fuelled by the trends towards individuality and fairness-seeking. This drive is prompting innovative solutions across health and beauty, food and drinks, luxury and fashion, and services industries, as highlighted in Euromonitor International's report.

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Key findings

Diversity and Inclusion to broaden in scope within the recruiting practices

The recent US Supreme Court decision on affirmative action surprised Diversity and Inclusion advocates. Yet, despite critiquing the race criteria in admissions policies, the ruling encourages more comprehensive recruitment practices, benefiting all population groups and leading to more inclusive working environments.

Diversity and Inclusion as an alley for untapped growth opportunities

Motivated by consumers' pursuit of fairness and individualism, diverse product portfolios prosper amid uncertainty, offering abundant prospects for ongoing corporate growth. Though gender and race traditionally anchor this megatrend, companies are pioneering strategies to inclusively reach more underrepresented groups.

Gen Z tops the charts for feeling left out

In the 2023 Euromonitor survey, Generation Z registered the highest among all generations’ discomfort with expressing their identity. One in seven in this group felt a lack of societal acceptance. This is noteworthy as Generation Z, known for its cultural diversity, connectivity, and values of equality, is to become the most significant spender in the coming decade.

Premium differentiation through Diversity and Inclusion

In premium formats, particularly in the beverage and apparel industries, brands use Diversity and Inclusion as a trait to convey a statement about the consumer's identity and individuality. Consistent efforts over time exemplify the enduring impact of Diversity and Inclusion in marketing and internal values, fostering consumer loyalty.

Diversity and Inclusion as a sign of conscious consumption

The shift towards conscious consumption partly manifests through the prioritisation of Diversity and Inclusion. While products may share similar traits, the capacity to amass a consumer base and generate customer traction often hinges on the founder’s and the company’s identity.


Megatrends: Diversity and Inclusion impact on consumer goods and services categories
Leaders harness megatrends to disrupt a market
Key findings
Diversity and Inclusion in a nutshell
Diversity and Inclusion: State of development and the future
Diversity and Inclusion seekers: who are they?
Diversity and Inclusion: What to focus on
Beauty and Personal Care: Diversity and Inclusion presents fresh growth prospects
John Legend launches skin care line Loved01 for melanin-rich skin
Baby Dove teams up with Sista Midwife to create Black Doula Directory
Disposable hygiene: Taboo shedding accelerates Diversity and Inclusion positioning
Essity’s holistic menopause ecosystem tackles tabooed, underserved life stage needs
Food and nutrition: Food as a culture, food as an identity
Pinky Cole embraces intersectionality to promote sustainable and nutritious vegan fast food
Drinks: Diversity and Inclusion as a way to differentiate and grow a loyal customer
Uncle Nearest rediscovers a forgotten chapter in the history of American whiskies
Bitty & Beau's coffee creates an inclusive coffee shop experience
Apparel: Genderless and body positivity trends drive Diversity and Inclusion
Asics launches an exclusive unisex sports-inspired apparel line
Fashion: Evolving commitment to combat racism and embrace inclusion
Elka Watch Company and Ace Jewelers launch multi-language Diversity Series
Christian Dior's show in Mumbai embodies the rich heritage and craftsmanship of India
Eyewear: Putting appearance, affordability and accessibility in the frame
German start-up Reframd launches Afropolitan sunglasses designed to fit black faces
Nreal launches affordable AR headset in the UK with instant subtitles for the deaf
Consumer Finance: Empowering rural, visually impaired, and student demographics
Ant Group’s MyBank leverages satellites to drive financial inclusion of farmers
POSB supporting education of digital finance to primary and secondary school students
Mobility: Female-only mobility services promote safe and inclusive travel
Lyft Healthcare launches Lyft Assisted to offer riders with limited mobility extra support
Uber launches “women preferred” feature to improve safety for women drivers and riders
Sports: FIFA World Cup as a platform to address the equality issues in sports and beyond
Growing Women’s Super League viewership boosts exposure for the sponsoring brands
Ally shows long-term commitment to National Women’s Soccer League and players
Travel and Tourism: Diversity and Inclusion fundamental at every stage of the journey
Wheel the World: breaking down barriers by curating amazing experiences for all
Planeterra: inclusion starts with local and indigenous communities
Diversity and Inclusion to get broader in scope and implementation
Strategies to win
Leverage the power of megatrends to shape your strategy today


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