Megatrends: Convenience

March 2023

This report is part of Euromonitor International’s Megatrends series. It focuses on the Convenience Megatrend, one of Euromonitor's 10 megatrends impacting business, exploring the forces driving consumers’ prioritisation of convenience, how the trend manifests in terms of consumer behaviour and purchase motivations, and summarises the main practices that businesses should know about to best serve consumers seeking convenience. s

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Key Findings

Convenience goes beyond fast delivery

The “convenience” concept has long been associated with retail and fast delivery, however, consumers now seek convenience across all aspects of their lives, demanding products, services and information that require little to no effort to access and use, providing an enhanced frictionless experience.

Time is essential for convenient consumers

Time is a key feature for any convenience solution. Consumers expect immediacy, highly efficient solutions and time flexibility throughout the shopper journey and user experience.

Technology is a means to exert control and have a great experience

Technology is enabling convenience and putting consumers in control across all areas of their lives. Advanced technological solutions are not only improving the shopping experience, enabling remote work, education and an array of digitalised activities as well as direct communication with brands, but it also being incorporated across products and services to provide seamless, frictionless experiences.

Gratify smartly to differentiate

While consumer loyalty is under pressure as they search for the best deals and value for money, they will pay for convenience such as saving time and ease of use. Businesses can leverage this to differentiate and win.


Megatrends: A framework for the future
Leaders harness megatrends to disrupt a market
The pillars of convenience
Key findings
Convenience in essence
Five core drivers are shaping the Convenience megatrend
Shifting Economic Power
Population Change
Environmental Shifts and Pressures
Changing Values
Convenience is based on time, immediacy and simplicity
Convenience: Time as an asset
Efficiency-focused solutions
iRobot leads robotic vacuum cleaning with clear proposition
Angi facilitates home services through easy intermediation
Buying time
Disney Genie is the evolution of fast passes through in-hand experiences
Convenience: Age of on-demand
Anytime, any place access
Duolingo has consolidated its presence by continually updating its services to stay relevant
Flexible options
Shopper fulfils consumers’ needs by tackling routine habits
Instant gratification
Rappi Turbo uses instant gratification to create needs, engage customers and generate loyalty
French Youzd C2C online platform benefits from fast delivery
Convenience: As simple as it can be
Effortless choices
Howz offers effortless health monitoring for seniors
Delta’s Delta Sync to offer seamless and personalised on-board experience
Frictionless experience
Tyne and Wear Metro introduces digital closed loop Pop card in Google Pay
L’O ré al’s YSL Scent- Sation using tech to encourage in-store engagement
Convenience: What you need to know
Convenience: What to focus on
The power of Megatrends


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