Megatrends: A Framework for the Future

November 2022

A megatrend framework enables us to better identify new emerging consumer driven trends, while also monitoring the more established long-term megatrends shaping the world. This report introduces Euromonitor International’s redefined megatrend framework, providing broad analysis on each of our 10 megatrends.

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Key Findings

There are five socioeconomic drivers generating and shaping consumer megatrends. These long-term shifts explain the ongoing changes we see in consumer behaviour.

Shifting Economic Power: Emerging market economies have seen strong growth at a time when growth in advanced economies has faced headwinds.

Population Change: Trends such as urbanisation, migration and ageing are combining to reshape consumer lifestyles and purchasing decisions.

Environmental Shifts and Pressures: Competition for resources and increasing awareness of environmental challenges are having a transformative effect on consumer behaviour – sometimes at a rapid pace.

Technology plays a pivotal role in consumer decision-making and the ability of businesses to meet the needs of today's consumer. It has created upheavals in consumer expectations, lowered the barriers of entry and inspired new business models.

Changing Values: Hyper-connectivity is giving individuals access to more information than ever before, educating them on evolving social, cultural and political landscapes, and shifting important values and priorities.

Megatrends: A Framework for the Future
Leaders harness megatrends to disrupt a market
The drivers shaping consumer behaviour
Quantitative drivers of change
Euromonitor International’s 10 megatrends
Megatrend definitions (1/3)
Megatrend definitions (2/3)
Megatrend definitions (3/3)
The pillars of Wellness
Wellness: What to focus on
AmorePacific : Targeted skin health through wearable electronic skin
Experience More
The pillars of Experience More
Experience More: What to focus on
Hollywood Park teams up with Samsung for immersive Dreamground  experiences
Digital Living
The pillars of Digital Living
Digital Living: What to focus on
Haier’s scenarios use AR to help you build your smart home
Tencent is building its metaverse ecosystem
Pursuit of Value
The pillars of Pursuit of Value
Pursuit of Value: What to focus on
Amazon Renewed offers like-new refurbished products
Sustainable Living
The pillars of Sustainable Living
Sustainable Living: What to focus on
Selfridges: Focus on boosting circular shopping
Shopper Reinvented
The pillars of Shopper Reinvented
Shopper Reinvented: What to focus on
Case study: Amazon engenders customer loyalty through its one-stop ecosystem
Case study: adidas aims to reach consumers with experiential retail concept
The pillars of Premiumisation
Premiumisation : What to focus on
Avallen embraces planet positive messaging and thoughtful consumption as a premium spirit
Hapbee offers premium, advanced wellness technologies and services for a better you
The pillars of Personalisation
Personalisation: What to focus on
Cana One’s “molecular beverage printer” redefines personalisation in beverages
LemonBox embeds personalisation within Chinese social media
The pillars of Convenience
Convenience: What to focus on
Kavak is changing the way people buy and sell used cars in Mexico
Gympass allows for full flexibility when working out
Diversity and Inclusion
Pillars of Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion: What to focus on
Case study: TikTok introduces creator-crediting to recognise original creators
Case study: Target’s 2022 Pride is making gender-affirming clothing more affordable
Why are megatrends important?
How do they help?
Megatrends play a key role in the path to innovation
The four key steps to successfully incorporating megatrends analysis into your business


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