Key B2B Market Trends in 2024 and Beyond

May 2024

This briefing assesses global B2B market trends in 2024 and beyond. It is geared towards consumer goods companies that are selling into the B2B market, and provides insights into how B2B markets are developing, which countries and channels to target, as well as how to navigate the potential challenges and what is next for B2B.

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Key findings

B2B in the Spotlight

The period 2023-2024 has witnessed a situation where, due to high inflation and slow income growth, doing business with companies can be more lucrative than selling to consumers. B2B sales channels, such as offices and healthcare, are forecast to maintain higher revenue growth than consumer markets, with lower price sensitivity. As a result, many consumer goods companies are shifting their attention to establishing a stronger footprint in global B2B markets.

Unlocking Asia

Asia Pacific will remain the largest and the fastest growing B2B market globally over 2024-2025. China is the key B2B market for consumer goods in Asia Pacific, with 66% of total value sales in 2023; however, the fastest future growth is anticipated in India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Improving Ecosystem

The B2B marketplace is becoming easier to navigate. B2B delivery services, payments and e-platforms have all seen considerable innovation in recent years, which makes selling into the B2B market much easier.

Personalised B2B: Ask AI

2024 is seeing companies start to use Gen AI in B2B marketing, with exponential proliferation expected in the next two to three years. As Gen AI usage in B2B marketing becomes widespread, personalised and efficient interaction with B2B clients will become the norm.

Key findings
As consumer demand cools, B2B markets offer new growth opportunities
Mapping the global B2B market for consumer goods
Food: Both developed and emerging markets to drive growth in B2B channel
Computers and mobile phones boosted by services sector growth, cybersecurity and AI
Furniture: China and the US offer most growth opportunities
Asia to lead global B2B growth over 2024-2027
Focus on Asia: 30% of global future growth
Unlocking country and industry specific opportunities in Asia
Which B2B channels to target in Asia Pacific?
Case study: IKEA offers B2B product line in India
B2B marketplace becoming easier to navigate
Case study: Visa B2B Connect – simplifying cross-border B2B payments
Case study: Kraft Heinz uses B2B sales platform to reach more customers
Case study: Samsung offers e-commerce solutions for B2B customers
AI tools promise to personalise the B2B marketplace
E-commerce platforms and AI tools to ease transition to B2B sales channels
B2B marketing: Efficiency and personalisation enabled by generative AI
Case study: Coca-Cola uses Gen AI to improve personalisation on its eB2B platform
Key takeaways
B2B marketplace: How to win


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