Holistic Wellness in Pet Care: Creating Value Through Broader Need States

February 2024

People today are placing focus on the desired outcome of their consumption. In the pet care universe, pet owners are extending this behaviour to their animal companions where consumables across pet food, pet treats and pet supplements are being chosen based on the need state they address. Ranging from the more mature physical and physiological needs to the more nascent emotional and mental needs, this report aims to explore holistic wellness in pets through the lens of need states.

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Key Findings

Understanding the concept of need states in pet health and wellness

Evolving pet humanisation is driving pet owners to take a more cognisant view of their pets’ health. Pet owners are taking a more proactive approach towards pet health management. They are looking to address specific needs and working their way backwards to find the best product fit. Understanding the “need states” pet owners are looking to address creates opportunities for brand and category owners.

Physical and physiological wellbeing remains a core health need

With a pet’s physical and physiological health, for the most part, being visibly evident, pet owners are looking for ways in which they can adopt a more preventative approach rather than a diagnostic one. Across pet nutrition, pet treats and pet dietary supplements, offerings are increasingly becoming functional, targeting a variety of needs.

Burgeoning emotional and mental health spaces

Known to support emotional and mental wellbeing in humans, pets themselves are not immune to health challenges in this space. From stress and behaviour management to engaging and enriching activities, emotional and mental wellbeing has increasingly come to the forefront of pet health.

Tech as an enabler in pet health

Tech-enabled pet healthcare offerings can serve as a crucial ally for pet parents looking to adopt a preventative health management approach. AI-powered devices like wearables can help detect anomalies early on, while also supporting more accurate prognosis by veterinarians. AI has the potential to power the future of pet health, where it can not only aid in the discovery of need states but also drive hyper-customisation which could serve as the value proposition for premiumisation.

Key takeaways
Exploring broader need states in pets
A growing focus on pet wellbeing
Addressing health through need states
Getting into the what and why of need states in pets
Broader pet need state territories
Functionality through food
Pet food players adopt health and wellness positioning
Treating not just for indulgence but for function
Functional benefits make their way into dog and cat treats
Preventative approach to managing health drives demand for pet dietary supplements
Appeal of pet healthcare draws in players
Need to manage emotional and mental wellbeing in pets
Humanisation trend expands through self awareness
Ingredient familiarity aids ease of integration into diet
A contentious ingredient but an emerging territory nevertheless
Enrichment, play and stimulation to engage the senses
Treating to train*
Innovation opportunities in training treats range from ingredients to occasions
Role of technology in pet health
AI-driven pet wearable tech facilitates preventative pet healthcare
Key takeaways
Evolution of need states in pet health

Pet Care

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