Healthy Ageing – Dietary Products Targeting the Older Adult in Asia Pacific

October 2023

Older adults are a key consumer group, as companies explore opportunities in the context of an ageing population across Asia Pacific markets. This report investigates the evolving consumption habits not only of senior consumers, but also of those approaching middle age, who are increasingly conscious of preventative dietary solutions. This report highlights key strategies for any business seeking to serve current and future senior consumers in the region.

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Key findings

Growing investment in health-conscious diets in Asia Pacific

The ageing of the population, coupled with increasing income levels and growing investment in health, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to the emergence of a prominent market for health-conscious dietary products in Asia Pacific.

New opportunities grow as the health perceptions of elderly consumers evolve

In response to these evolving perceptions of health towards preventative health, mental wellbeing and health-conscious diets, brands are increasingly introducing senior-specific products and services. Japan, as an advanced market with a large ageing population, is at the forefront of this trend, and is seeing growing demand in the segmented verticals.

Increasing usage of social media is changing the purchase decision process of senior consumers

The older adult cohort are increasingly present on social media and other digital platforms, and are using e-commerce. The emergence of senior influencers offers a distinct opportunity for generational synergy in marketing strategies.

Health concerns are becoming more segmented

Consumer health concerns and the functionalities of health-conscious products have become increasingly segmented. Older consumers are actively seeking products offering functionalities which address concerns such as stress and mental health, women’s health, digestive problems and immunity enhancement.

Market for age inclusive customisation has potential

From user experience, food taste, to brand positioning and packaging, there are untapped market opportunities for customising products to be more appealing to older consumers. Such customisation will encourage older adults to consume the products.

Key findings
Consumers today: More than half of Asia Pacific markets have a median age of above 40
The proportion of older adults and elderly in Asia Pacific is set to rise
Older adults are the highest earners and will spend on themselves as they age
Perception of health is shaped by disease prevention, mental wellbeing and conscious diet
Older adults are increasingly present on social media and e-commerce
The rise of senior influencers to create inter-generational synergies in marketing
Older consumers could benefit from diet improvement in and out of the home
Add to preventative solutions by identifying key health concerns
Opportunities lie in enhancing existing products and creating new segments
Functional dietary products supporting cholesterol management is emerging
More senior-specific products added to portfolios creates a more dynamic market
Functionalities of dietary supplements are being more segmented to promote well-ageing
Mobility support holds significant potential in Asia Pacific
Japanese women’s health brand shows strong performance thanks to inbound tourists
Products that address mental/emotional wellbeing have potential to cater to the elderly
Mental/emotional health attributes must complement with other benefits
The demand for vitamin products as immunity booster brought by the pandemic grows
Gifting culture, driven by filial duty, to become a more important growth driver
Increasing usage of social media to change the purchase decision process of senior consumers
Products targeting menopause symptoms holds potential in the thriving healthy ageing market
Personalisation boosts the way older adults enjoy their food, a white space to develop
Inclusivity beyond just health and nutrition
Healthy ageing dietary products in Asia Pacific: How to win

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness encompasses a number of key claims made on a food or drink products that suggest a health and/or wellness positioning. It comprises positionings relating to better for you, dietary and free from, fortified/functional, health benefit, natural and organic. Please note that data is not available at this level or other aggregated claim levels.

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