Global Market Overview of Pulp

December 2023

The briefing examines how the pulp commodity performs globally and in the largest countries in terms of supply and production. The report also provides data and analysis on pulp price dynamics, as well as trends across key commodity-consuming industries.

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Key Findings

Global forest loss remains a major threat

The warming climate and increasing frequency of adverse weather events are expected to remain significant threats to the world's forestry resources. Moreover, extensive human activities in global forests contribute to forest loss. According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the annual deforestation rate in the Amazon reached 11,568 sq km in 2022. Consequently, there is a call for the global community to enhance sustainable forestry management practices to mitigate adverse, long-term changes in forestry.

Recycled paper to remain in demand

The importance of recycled paper is expected to continue growing within the paper industry due to changing consumer preferences and stricter regulatory environment. Paper recycling uses less water and energy, and leaves a lower carbon footprint than non-recycled paper manufacturing. At the same time paper recycling reduces the amount of waste to landfill as paper can be recycled 4-6 times.

Forever chemicals challenge in paper manufacturing

The detection of forever chemicals, PFAS, in diverse paper items such as toilet paper and food containers has substantial implications for the paper industry. This revelation triggers a re-evaluation of manufacturing methods and materials employed in paper production. Anticipated regulatory responses may include the introduction or reinforcement of regulations pertaining to PFAS usage in paper products.

Digitalisation and big data to play a role

Digital innovations allow pulp and paper producers to better monitor and manage their resources, increase productivity and improve production quality, while big data analysis provides opportunities for better process management and production planning. Innovations in technologies are set to play an important role in the industry’s future development, mapping resources and offering production improvements.


Key findings
Key trends impacting pulp market in 2023
Pulp producers grapple with challenges amid global economic downturn
Brazil and China record a substantial increase in pulp production over the historic period
US: Opportunities lie in recycled paper production
Brazil: Growing environmental regulations mandate more sustainable production practices
China: The country outpaces Canada in global pulp production
Lower demand for paper products results in declining pulp prices globally
Inflation drives rise in related consumer goods prices
Short-term outlook prone to various risks
Demand drivers for pulp across key buyer industries
Disposable paper products industry faces slower growth as demand wanes in post-COVID era
Corrugated paper and paperboard packaging remains valued among consumers
Publishing and printing industry rebounds from the pandemic lows
Top 10 country profile: US
Top 10 country profile : Brazil
Top 10 country profile : China
Top 10 country profile : Canada
Top 10 country profile : Sweden
Top 10 country profile : Finland
Top 10 country profile : Indonesia
Top 10 country profile : Russia
Top 10 country profile : Japan
Top 10 country profile : Chile


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