Emerging Strong: Investment Opportunities in Southeast Asia

January 2024

The Southeast Asian market has evolved to version 2.0, positioning ASEAN as a pivotal component in local and global investors' strategies. With a rising cost of capital amid tightening monetary policies, long-term structural shifts in demographics and economy, and mounting sustainability pressures, this briefing will untangle what are the largest opportunities in the consumer market for investment.

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Key Findings

Key solutions to food security have created new technologies that need funding

Sustainability awareness and digitalisation have brought food security to the fore as a long-term focus, especially in Southeast Asian markets affected by volatile climates. Having drawn over USD370 billion in funding since 2010, start-ups have led the way in creating solutions like regenerative agriculture, smart farming, novel food and urban farming as key investment areas.

Increasing investments towards plastic circularity

Waste and recycling of plastic remain the top sustainability investment areas for companies in Southeast Asia. This is due to companies’ recognition of cost-saving potential, as well as government regulation on sustainability, which has influenced the packaging industry to pursue a more sustainable direction.

Digitalisation changing customer behaviours, transforming services and channels

Smartphones and the pandemic led to a rapid digitalisation of life in Southeast Asia. Both public and private investment have stimulated rapid growth of e-commerce, digital services and social media.

The increasing digital data in transactional and non-transactional (ie product search) customer behaviours benefits generative AI, impacting consumers and businesses.

The perception of healthier lifestyles will influence consumers’ preferences and generate innovations

Consumers in Southeast Asia have sustained their commitment to physical, dietary, and mental wellbeing through consistent engagement in enhanced health-related practices. Sectors focusing on wellness and safely-sourced food, as well as those offering health-tech services, are expected to experience a positive impact from this evolving consumer mindset.

Key findings
Southeast Asia has a young working population preparing for an ageing society
Consumer expenditure to surpass USD4 trillion by 2040, 213% more than in 2023
Megatrends impacting Southeast Asia
Top three consumer behavio u r shifts in Southeast Asia
Sustainable growth is a long-term goal for both companies and consumers in Southeast Asia
Penetration of mobiles and the pandemic digitalise lifestyles of Southeast Asians
Consumers consciously integrating healthier habits into their consumption and lifestyles
Consumer behaviour shifts unveil the short- and long-term investment opportunities in the region
More prudent investment into AI: Prioritising profitable growth
Which are the key areas of AI in transforming financial services?
How can AI drive commercial payment digitalisation?
Remote cheque deposit: Decrease branch staff’s low value activities
How can AI automate credit assessment while controlling risk?
Advance AI’s credit assessment: Integrating alternative data
AI investment opportunities in finance in Southeast Asia (SEA)
Modern consumers’ dissatisfaction with current treatments call for prompt solutions
Digitalisation to redraw the consumer health market in Southeast Asia
Unmet health concerns in the evolving landscape of Southeast Asia
Significant market investment opportunities exist in Southeast Asia
Food security is a long-term goal backed by governments and businesses
Southeast Asia’s capabilities in addressing food security are well rounded
Three solutions most relevant to Southeast Asia in resolving food security
Companies founded from 2010 have raised over USD370 million through PE/VC
Investment can shorten the timeline needed in taking steps to secure the future of foods
Plastic holds the top spot as the most used material but is becoming more renewable
Government legislation and corporate companies play a role in plastic circularity
Companies invest in infrastructure to promote plastic circularity in Southeast Asia
Investment priorities for sustainable plastic packaging in Southeast Asia
Consumer expenditure on food and non-alcoholic beverages set to be the leading category
Investment opportunities in Southeast Asia
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Consumer Health

It is the aggregation of OTC, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements (VDS), Sports Nutrition, and Weight Management and Wellbeing

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